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Keeping the memories alive
Phoenix Arizona / 8th Anniversary
9/11 Tribute and Ceremony

Mini Movie of our ceremony and display at WesleyBolin Plaza - Version one (work in progress)
This is the format / example of the medium that will be used for the KEEP MY MEMORY ALIVE - A 9/11/01 Project

Written, perfromed and produced by Laurie J. Keller.
If you want your family member's picture in the video,
please provide an "electronic" image via e-Mail and a basic release stating that the
image can be used for the Keep My Memory Alive - A 9/11/01 Project.
Send the e-Mail message and image to this address:

More Multi-Media mini movies of some of our displays and ceremonies below...

Moving Memories, The Arizona 9/11 Memorial
The Images in the videos are of WORLD MEMORIAL 9/11 displays, art exhibits and concerts from 2004 - present.
Some of the images are of events that we assisted with and participated in.
The backgroud MUSIC is copyrighted and used by permission from Release of Souls Music CD
(Miles Black; Glenda Rae 2003© Milenda Music - SOCAN)
2004 © Miles Black & Tony Chamberlist. All Rights Reserved.
"We Will Remember You" Robyn Adams & Arno Kimsey
Most of the Images were taken by Richard Kligman:, Ryche Guerrero:,
Mitch Mendler:, Rosa Myer:, Brus Messinger:

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