E.M.S. Gallerie!

The E.M.S. Gallerie is proud to present the artwork of Greg George. He has had an extensive career in E.M.S. and Pre-Hospital care and fire suppression that spanned more than one and a half decades. He works for the San Diego Fire and Life Safety Services as a Paramedic FireFighter. His education includes a communications and electronic media degree from San Diego State. He currently resides in a condo in the trendy Gas Lamp District of San Diego.

Greg begins his creations in a conventional format with the use of 35 mm cameras. He then scans the photos and alters the images on his Macintosh with the use of a few programs to get the effects he is looking for. He has also created videos and CD Roms for training as well as entertainment.

E-Mail Greg George for more info on her work and for details on how to obtain these images for commercial use or for your collection.

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