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This site was designed and created as a window into the EMS and Public Safety on the World Wide Web. This site has not only assisted other health care professionals in exchanging ideas and information, but also it has helped to educate the lay public, the peolpe that we serve as health care or public safety providers, on vital isuues that could and will help in an emergency or even prevent one from occuring.
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This site is dedicated to all the Allied Health, Emergency Medical Service and Public Safety personnel, some of them without compensation, in the City and County of San Diego, California and throughout the world that serve the public day in and day out and preform their duties, These men and women of all ages, race, creed, color, religious background, national origin, ancestry, and sex, whose unselfish act of devotion has improved, without measure, the quality and effectiveness of prehospital care and human life.

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"While on active duty as an officer with the US Army, I became a quadriplegic, paralyzed from the chest down. After a medevac flight (where I had to be resuscitated by the medic on board), I spent 6 weeks in "Shock Trauma" (where I needed to be resuscitated for a second time).Now I am in a position financially, physically, and spiritually to recognize others for their efforts. Thus, the "FLY WITH EAGLES" award was born."
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Y2K Virus Alert for HazMat and EMS - Public Safety Personnel

Continuing Education for paramedics just became easier:
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Latex Allergies are becoming more frequent in
Health Care Workers...


  • 17 % of all health care workers have developed the Latex Allergy: More than 100,000 Health Care Workers
  • 1 % of the population has a Latext Allergy
Seat Belts Save Lives

It makes Good sense!!! It is great common sense!

They would have lived if they were wearing their
seat belts.

Important information for all concerned parents and NetSurfers!!!

Attention current & former San Diego City Paramedics!!!

Click here for information regarding the multiple lawsuits pending or filed against American Medical Services pertaining to missing Social Sercurity $.$$, payroll shortages and bounce charges, misappropriated and missing 401-K retirement $.$$, and Medical Insurance deficits. The last estimate calculated is somewhere over $ 2,000,000.00 in deficit owed to the prior contracted employees.

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Missing Childrens Network
These graphics created by Maeve
A most wonderful, kind and generous soul!

Contact The California Department of Justice:
Missing Persons Site

If you have information on Missing Persons.
CALL: 1-800-222-FIND
outside California CALL:
(916) 227-3290

Victims of Crimes

If you, or someone you love, or someone you care about is a victim of a crime, you should know:

The Office For Victims of Crimes

Also: Californians can access The Victims of Crimes Program...

Victims, family members and loved ones may be eligible for reimbursement of expenses resulting from a crime:

For help:
State Board of Control
Po.O. Box # 3036
Sacramento, CA. 95812-3036


OR call:

Victims of Crime Resource Center at:
1-800-VICTIMS (1-800-842-8467)

Victims expenses may be reimbursed for:

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