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World Trade Center Steel
This piece of the WORLD TRADE CENTER can be sent to your city for a 9/11 Memorial Display at no cost. The only funds needed are for transportation of the steel and transportation - lodging for 2 crew members. The steel is 59.5 inches tall X 15 inches square and weighs 778 pounds. We provide the red white and blue bunting and wreath. Other items can be sent as well including a TEN Foot Model of The WTC and America Unites, a sculpture of the WTC wreakage. We can also provide a large USA Flag to fly from a Fire Truck or it can be in display in an auditorium. And all of the USA State flags, 9/11 Victim - World Country Flags, Americana Flags, Armed Forces Flags and 9/11 Memorial Flags can be displayed.

For more information on receiving this priceless piece of history, please contact anyone from our team of volunteers and coordinators

Mitch Mendler WORLD MEMORIAL President / Joe O'GRady FedEx / Joe Torrillo FDNY Retired Lieutenant WTC Survivor WORLD MEMORIAL Board Member

The piece of WORLD TRADE CENTER STEEL donated to the WORLD MEMORIAL was one of 236 pieces of steel used by NIST
(Materials and Structural Systems Division Engineering Laboratory / National Institute of Standards and Technology )

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The WORLD MEMORIAL has been providing a virtual 9/11 Memorial on the WEB for over ten years. A Federal recognized Public Charity, the mission has not changed and niether has our ambition to Keep the memories alive. We have set up concerts, flag displays andmemorial that included Mission Person Flyers, Victims and Heroes photographs and stories. We have a 9/11 Patch and Memorial Badge Wall and a Helmet - Jacket memorial to honor the fallen heroes. We have conducted Dove Releases and hosted candle flight vigils.There are education programs called KidzBSafe that teaches saftey and responsibility which we partnered with Allstate Insurance.

And in partnership with Return With Honor we visit schools with a program called Future Heroes Day that teached school children about our countries rich history, our flag, and heroes to include The Armed Forces and Public Safety Personnel. And: We also teach Truth and Tollerance to all of the guest at our educational displays.

Our most recent project was titled The Patriot Flag: We toured a large USA Flag around the country to get a message out. It was simply stated, UNITED WE STAND. Inherantly we showed the families that We Have Not Forgotten!The flag traveled over 135 thousand miles before it was retired and was displayed in over 250 cities in ALL of teh 50 United States.

The 50th State was marked at Mount Rushmore with four Statemen looking on with approval. On 9/11/11, The Ten Year Anniversary, the flag flew in all of the 3 locations that were attacked. We recieved a new flag, which was donated to us on Flag Day from Joliet Fire ILL. The new flag dubbed, The Star Spangled Banner flew with The Patriot Flag at the Middle Eastern Connflict in Ill. On Sept 14th 2011 it was christened as it flew at Fort McHenry on the birthday (9/14/1814) of The Star Spangled Banner which was writtenby Francis Scott Key as he watched the bombardment of the fort as a prisoner of war on a Brittish Navel Ship in the Baltimore Harbor.

Our newest project is the tranportation and display of the WTC Steel. It is currently traveling around the country and displayed as areminder of what happened in NYC and our country. A lesson is learned as even though it was an attack on American Soil, the world wasimpacted as at least 106 nations lost at least ONE Citizen.

No one in our organization is paid or compensated for their time. We have hundreds of volunteers from all over the globe.

Please take the time to view the web site and visit The WORLD MEMORIAL site for more info on how you can help us the complete our tasks.

FDNY Retired Lieutenant Joe Torrillo Twice survived WTC 1&2 / OFFICIAL Flag Spokesperson Phone # 917 863-8656
Mitch Mendler (Director - Coordinator - Logistics) Phone # 619 944-7011
Wayne Louth (Project Scheduling - Planning) Phone # 760 270-7455

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