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The San Diego Fire Fighters & Paramedics Awards

Nomination site:
Please note: All Sites will be considered for the awards. Not just Public Safety Sites...

More awards have been created and will be avail soon...


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These awards were designed to honor the tallented web masters and mistresses that have created windows into the Emergency Services and the EMS and Public Safety on the World Wide Web. And other tallented WebDesigners and Creators that have unique and interesting sites. Their sites have not only assisted Net Surfers and other health care professionals in exchanging ideas and information, but also they have helped to educate the lay public, the peolpe that we serve as health care or public safety providers, on vital isuues that could and will help in an emergency or even prevent one from occuring.

Please fill out this brief application to nominate these awards for an EMS WWW site.

Note: No site has been denied the awards as of 02/22/97

Fill in the blanks below. We will preview the site and evaluate it for the nomination and reception of The EMS WWW excellance AWARD. Thanks!

Your Name:
Nominated Site Name:
City: State: Capital letters abreviated Country:

Please state here what the theme of your EMS site is representing; ie: Pre-Hospital Care, Emergency Department, Fire Department, Dispatch, Police Department, ect.

Also, add a brief idea of what your site is about and why it should receive the award.


We will respond back A.S.A.P. and inform you if you qualify for the award and provide advice needed to make the changes if you didn't.

An E-mail message will follow with the URL and images for the awards. Also, inforamtion on the hypertext that points the images back to this page & form.

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