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"Never Forget"

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9-11 Memorial Coins
Honor, Valor, Courage, Pride, Faith, Strength, Love, and Sacrifice
In response to the terrorists’ attacks upon America there was courage, there was heroism, there was sacrifice, there was compassion and there was wisdom. First, however, and this is the virtue from whence all those others come, there was humility. From the office workers who helped each other escape, to the firefighters who responded, from those trapped in the towers above, to the airline passengers in the skies over Western Pennsylvania.

It was a day when the human virtues and verities of wisdom, triumphed over the truth of the hatred and intolerance and death and destruction the terrorists brought out of the sky.

On September 11, 2001, America as a country, as a people, and as a way of life was attacked. The horrible acts of a few took the lives of many and left the rest of us with an opportunity. An opportunity for us as a people to unite and rise up to our call to save lives. On that day while loved ones were made victims, heroes were born. While the towers burned, souls surged. Selfishness fell to sacrifice, fear was met with bravery, and hate died at the hands of love. On that day we as Americans seized our righteousness, and united in hope and determination for our fellow man. Firefighters raced up stairwells all the way to the fire floor. Police Officers pulled out the injured. EMT's and paramedics treated people and transported the injured only to return to preform their duty. 9/11 operators and dispatchers stayed on the phone with the trapped until the phones went silent. While nurses and doctors worked to cheat death one life at a time. Many were saved. All gave some, some gave all. Many people gave their lives to save people they didn't even know. 430 public safety personnel were lost including 343 fire fighters, 63 police officers, and 8 EMT / paramedics. They made the ultimate sacrifice. Thousands united in rescue efforts and millions began to offer their support in countless ways. Our loved ones and our way of life was attacked, and we responded with what makes us Americans—strength, love, and sacrifice.

Now you have an opportunity to show your respect and patriotism with the purchase of collectible coins. And: Help raise money for charities... one coin at a time.

This site and organization was created with the idea that something could be done to help the victims and the charities that support the families that were directly or indirectly affected by the events that unfolded on 9/11/2001. It will also serve as a reminder that we will NEVER FORGET...

1000's of hours have been spent on the design and production of the coins. More hours were directed to creating this web site and setting up the operation. Loans were taken out and money was supplied from my paycheck. Currently the business end of this venture is almost 25,000.00 in the red. Thousands of dollars have been applied the charities, some small, some large. Coins have been given to organizations as well as people that have supported public safety personnel as gifts.

I have NOT taken one dollar for my time invested. I run this operation on my free time by myself and have my wife run to the post office if I am at work and can't make it. More time has been volunteered to bring 9/11 memorials to San Diego and now to help bring a memorial across North America to New York.

Additional money has been donated from the business as well as personal funds to a few charities that total almost 50,000.00.

I take offense to a few uninformed people that have made unwarranted comments about my bank account getting the benefits from the tragedy as well as the implied distasteful fact that I am taking advantage of the 9/11 victims and have used this as a personal opportunity. I am a Fire Fighter Paramedic and would not feel right about this if I were not donating the money to responsible charities.

The agreement I have with the charities is non binding and without a legal contract. I do have written permission to collect money for each organization and this "commercial co-venture" does not impact the foundations in any financial negative method. No funding was acquired to produce the coins. Nor does this agreement endorse the coins nor do I endorse the foundation other than supporting their efforts.

References and or financial information can be provide to anyone that requests it. Please veiw the accounting page for more details.

Please ENTER the site now and veiw the items that we have for sale and help me to help others one coin sale at a time.

If you have any question, plz send E-Mail. Use the CONTACT INFO above.
Thank you!

Mitch Mendler
E.M.T. Paramedic Firefighter
Thank you for your interest in the coins.

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9-11 Memorial Coins 9-11 Memorial Coins 9-11 Memorial Coins 9-11 Memorial Coins 9-11 Memorial Coins 9-11 Memorial Coins 9-11 Memorial Coins