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"Combating Terrorism" Memorial Coin
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Combating Terrorism Coin

Reverse of a Coin flown on an F-15E Strike Eagle in Afganistan

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Flown on bombing missions over Afghanistan!

Let it be known that Combating Terrorism Coins were flown in an F-15E Strike Eagle over Afghanistan skies during a combat mission in support of OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM by 391 Fighter Squadron "Bold Tigers" flown by pilot: Pete and WSO: Trog on December 4th. 2001.

This limited minted was coin originally commisioned for the Combating Terrorism Deputate of the Department of Defense "BEFORE" the terrorism attack on the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. The "first strike" SAMPLE Coin not yet minted was lost in the attack as the office of the commander was destoyed. It was later found in the rubble during the overhaul and investigation phase of attack. It was then minted for distribution. Like the "Phoenix Rising From THe Ashes," this coin stands as a symbol of America's fight against Terrorism.

Dubbed, "The PAYBACK Coin," Now you can be a part of the "Payback" by owning one of these coins that symbolically "Rose from the Ashes of the Pentagon then actually flew on bombing missions on Taliban and Al Qaeda Forces".

. The original coin featured the Seal of the Dept. of Defense on the reverse side. These coins are also available as well as those featuring all 5 branches of the armed services and some other governmental agencies such as the State Dept. and the Dept. of Justice.
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The new Combating Terrorism coin created by the Defense Department's Special Operations-Combating Terrorism office features an American eagle, with talons outstretched, swooping down on the word "Terrorism." The DoD seal is struck on the new Combating Terrorism coin created by the Defense Department's Special Operations-Combating Terrorism office.
Commanders use specially minted military coins to improve morale, foster unit sprit and honor service members for their hard work. A new Combating Terrorism coin does all this and raises funds for the children of special operations warriors who are killed in the line of duty. The coin project came out of the Special Operations - Combating Terrorism office in the Pentagon in the fall of 1999, well before Sept. 11, 2001. It was the office's way of spotlighting the Defense Department's role in the war on terror. At that time, all portions of the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations / Low-Intensity Conflict concerned with combating terrorism were put in one office. The chief wanted a coin that epitomized the office's mission.

Ed Rowe, Paul Will and Jamie Bowling got the call. Design ideas percolated through the group. "We decided to go with simplistic elegance," said Rowe, assistant for policy coordination in the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Combating Terrorism. They decided on an American eagle, with talons outstretched, swooping down on the word "Terrorism." In the background is the American flag. The obverse side of the coin is the Department of Defense seal. "Simplistic elegance isn't an easy thing to achieve," said graphic designer Bowling. "We spent a lot of time getting the eagle and flag just right." The group finally approved a design and sent it off for a proof strike. Made of lead, the proof coin came back to the Pentagon on Sept. 7, 2001. Rowe and company admired the coin, and he put it on his desk before going on leave. On Sept. 11, 2001, American Airlines Flight 77 hit near Rowe's office. Ceiling tiles came down, electrical lines arced and furniture was thrown around. Water used to douse fires further damaged the offices. The coin fell off Rowe's desk and was buried under debris in the office. Once workers were allowed back in, they found the lead coin covered with grit and dirt and particles, but still looking good. "We thought, 'Now we really have a good time to release this coin,'" Rowe said.

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HERO: In Mythology and legend, a man, often of devine ancestry,
who is endowed with great courage and strength,
celebrated for bold exploits, and favored by god...

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For every coin purchased $5.00 will be donated to the respected organization that represents that service. Go here for an accounting of the funds raised.
Each coin purchased will be delivered with an official donation certificate.

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