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The E.M.S. WebRing is possible due to the efforts of the technicians & administartors at the
And; people like yourself that want to continue "the ring" and its integrety of high quality E.M.S. and Public Safety related sites...

This info and links were created to assist new members and current members in complying with the E.M.S. PublicSafetyNet WebRing affiliation as well as the WebRing Service. The only requirement is that the "server-side navigation bar"  be installed and maintained on the page that is registered with the "E.M.S. PublicSafetyNet WebRing."
Additional images can be added to provide membership identification. There are three buttons and "a rotating logo" below for you to use. Use these BUTTONS if you do not want the NAV BAR on the main page. For example, you have a "WebRing Page," These buttons will inform NetSurfers that you are a member of the ring and direct them to the Nav Bar.

Sample NAV BAR
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E.M.S. / Public Safety Net WebRing
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 WebRing Home - About - Privacy
E.M.S. / Public Safety Net WebRing
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Once the Nav Bar is in place, E-Mail me and I will evaluate the site for admission into the ring..
Any ???

Most of the answers can be found below.
Plz E-Mail the RingMaster if you need help.

If you wish,
provide your phone number and
the RingMaster will attempt to call you...

Or, contact The WEB Ring Staff

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RingMaster: Mitch Mendler E.M.T. Paramedic / Fire Fighter
Assistant RingMaster: Roxanne Cooper
Assistant RingMaster: Katie Morrison
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Transition from Yahoo! WebRing to The NEW WebRing
Step-by-Step Transition
Ring Management
The E.M.S. PublicSafetyNet WebRing
Since its creation in October of 1996, many people and organizations have supported us and we would like to be the biggest most comprehensive "network" for E.M.S. on the WEB. The E.M.S. Ring was developed for EMS professionals, Health Care Professionals, EMS volunteers and "WEB Surfers." This inovative method of "Networking" is becomming very effective in navigating the Net. More sites are being added everyday. By using the ring, you can move from one tried and tested, quality EMS or Public Safety Site to the next until you eventually end up back on the site you started from, (although this could take awhile).

The ring also enables you to; Skip a Site; See the Next 5 Sites; Travel to a Random Site within the Ring; or even see Previous Site within the Ring.

The NAV BAR!!!
The NEW WEBRING service offers a "NAV BAR"

This has eliminated the need to save and store graphics on your server. It also made programing the code easier. Once you have associated the site with the RING, the code is provided for you.

All you have to do is "cut & paste" the java script provided into the page you have registered with the ring. Then upload the document to your server.

more E.M.S. PublicSafetyNet WebRing Images below...
How do I join a Ring?
Follow these simple steps to join a Ring:
  1. Find a Ring you want to join by searching on a Ring name or browsing through the categories in the WebRing directory. Click the Ring name to go to the Ring Hub page.

  2. Click the Join this Ring button in the right corner of the Ring Hub page. Fill in the form that appears with the URL, title, and description of your site. Your application to join the Ring will be sent to the RingMaster, who will approve or deny your application. You will be notified of the RingMaster's decision via email.

  3. In the meantime, install the "server-side navigation bar" (SSNB) on your page. (Be sure to use the web address you entered on the application form.)

    To get the SSNB, select the My Rings link on the top bar of almost any page in the system. On the My Rings page, find the title of the Ring you have applied to. Click the Get Nav Bar link. Cut and paste the code onto your page. The RingMaster will not approve your application unless you have the SSNB installed on your page.

Is this enough information?
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the EMS WebRing script must be located on the page that is registered with the ring.
Please put any other graphic; the rotating image or one of the images below stating ring membership on any other page.

Additional Buttons:

Other image and buttons available:

The images (above) can be used on your site to link to the URL where the E.M.S.
PublicSafetyNet WebRing script and images are located for easy identification within the EMS Ring.

This image can be used as a NEXT button if you wish to program the code...

OR: add "We are a member of The E.M.S. PublicSafetyNet WebRing..."
(links to the area of your site where the EMS WebRing script is located... )

... to The San Diego Paramedics.

Web page design and maintenance by Mitch Mendler E.M.T. Paramedic FireFighter; The WebMaster!

Brief Disclaimer.

All aspects of this page are copyright © 1996 The San Diego Paramedics & or S.D.C.P.A. and unless otherwise stated are property of the San Diego Paramedics and or the San Diego County Paramedic Association. All rights reserved.


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