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Houston Fire Chief fired after controversy and death of two residents.

As reported in most newspapers in October, 2000

Donna Golden allegedly told Jose Ruiz that he had an ulcer and should not eat any spicy foods. When Ruiz insisted on going to a hospital, she told him it would cost 500.00. Golden and Donald Mauro were called back to Ruiz's apartment a few hours later and found him dead!


The city's fire chief has lost his job after an investigation over controversy of prehospital care. This included the deaths of two people who unsuccessfully pleaded with fire fighters to take them to the hospital.

Mayor Lee P. Brown asked for Lest Tyra's resignation after an outside audit determined staffing deficiencies and "serious issues of managerial leadership" within the 3,500 person department.

Brown said the consultant's report was not the only reason for firing Tyra after 2.5 years on the job. "I know we've had a history of neglect. Those days are over."

During the month of June, two Houston residents died after firefighters failed to take them to hospitals. Firefighters Donald Mauro and Donna Golden were also fire for failing to take Jake Ruiz to the hospital. He was 35 years old. They responded to his apartment on June 10th. for a chief complaint of abdominal pain. After he was given a field diagnosis of an ulcer disorder and a fee of 500.00 discussed for transport, they left. It is unclear if they did an A.M.A. A few hours later another request for help was received and when the same crew arrived, they found Ruiz dead.

A week later, 12 year old Daniel Lopez died of an aortic aneurysm five hours after he walked to a fire station three times seeking help. No further details were available on this case.

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