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Latex Allergy claims the life of a 40 year old RET U.S.Navy Lieutenant

Lieutenant Harold R. "Hal" Henderson, RN, BSN, CEN, TNCC, NC USN/RET, 40, of San Diego, California, died Friday, August 29, 1997, at the Balboa Naval Hospital. Lieutenant Henderson, who had been in ill health for some time as the result of respiratory and cardiac complications associated with latex allergy, suffered a massive heart attack.

Full life support was removed at 2:15 PM, Pacific Time. Lieutenant Henderson, who had worked at Balboa Medical Center as an intensive care and emergency nurse, served in Desert Storm and was recently accepted into a master's program for nursing and community health at San Diego State University.

Hal is survived by his mother Mary Ann Henderson and his wife, Christine. The couple's first year anniversary was August 4, 1997. He leaves his children Cara Jo, Brandon Paul, and Harold R. Henderson Jr., as well as step-children; Nathaniel and Matthew Davis. Sadly, Lt. Hal Henderson died on Hal Jr.'s 9th birthday. Hal worked tirelessly as a military liaison for ELASTIC Inc.

His efforts to bring the issue of latex allergy to the attention of the Armed Services, with special attention to the Navy, Veteran's Affairs and members of the California Congress; Randy "Duke" Cunningham (51st District) and Bob Filner (50th District) resulted in a new awareness of the seriousness and the potential for progression of this condition. He gave support and information to military personnel who had developed latex allergy. Hal's many successes will continue to receive attention, his spirit of public service is one to be admired and emulated.

He wanted so much to prevent others from having to go through the same needless loss of career, health and self-esteem, that he did. Hal, the members of ELASTIC, trust your wish; to prevent others from suffering from latex allergy, as you have, will be granted. It is our pledge to continue your work, to continue to increase awareness, inform and educate. Perhaps your tragic and needless death will open the eyes of those who doubt, maybe this new-found awareness and a nudge from an angel or two, will allow your wish to be become reality. Lieutenant Henderson; a soldier on earth, now a soldier of God. Hal Henderson; son to Mary Ann, loving husband to Christine, devoted father to Cara Jo, Brandon Paul and Hal Jr., step-father to Nathaniel and Matthew, steadfast friend to so many, ER and ICU nurse; saving lives and safeguarding the health of countless patients, now, a guardian angel, watching from the heavens.

Hal, you are sorely missed, but your spirit and light will always be present in our hearts.

Christine Henderson 13162 Pageant Avenue, San Diego, CA 92129

Lise C. Borel DMD National Director / ELASTIC Inc.

Memorial to Hal on the ELASTIC web site.

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