The E.M.S. Gallerie and The Public Safety Post office is proud to present the artwork of Mitch Mendler. He has had an extensive career in E.M.S. and Pre-Hospital care and fire suppression that has spanned almost two decades. He works for San Diego Fire and Life Safety Services as a paramedic / firefighter. Please E-Mail him for information on how to obtain hard copies of the images.

Mitch begins his creations in a conventional format with the use of a 1967 Nikon F and 1978 Nikon F2; 35 mm SLR camera. A few lenses are used including a 105 mm, a 50 mm, a 24 mm, and a 28 to 50 mm zoom. He also uses a Kodak Digital camera for some of the imaging. Kodak Slide film is his choice using ASA 100 and 200 as the medium to capture the light. He then scans the slides and alters the images on a Pentium 166 mhz, computer (64 megs of memory) with the use of a Hewlet Packard S-20 Photo Smart Scanner. The images are altered with Microsoft Picture It 99 and Corel Draw. Other programs are used to create the surrealistic effects he wants to portray. One image might take up to 60 min to create once the process begins on the computer.

"I want to create images that are real but surreal, I think it worked." Photography is like painting with light..." "Now with computer programs I can change these records of time and create an unrealistic effect."

A photographer since 1970 in High School, he has learned to look at life through a photographers eyes. College Classes at Palomar College in San Marcos, CA. had helped to refine his technique and style. But, he admits that painting with light now is new. Dynamic methods using a computer to alter the images creates a unique finished product. He describes himself as an amature photographer and a "perfectionist!" He is definately a professional and a credit to Public Safety.

E-Mail Mitch Mendler for more info on her work and for details on how to obtain these images for commercial use or for your collection.

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