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USFA FEMA: Hazarous Materials "ANTHRAX Information"
Everthing you wanted to know about ANTHRAX but did not know where to look or were afraid to ask!!!

Body left on driveway.

Houston fire chief resigns

Los Angeles Paramedics at risk of STRESS RELATED job disabilities

E.M.S. Media Relations: The time is now to promote our profession of paramedicine.

System Status Management & Ambulance Design: Negative Effects on Paramedics.

Bombs disguised as Mag Lights! A new hazard for public safety personnel.
The secondary device...

Latext Allergies:How you can protect yourself.

Viagra Use and the administration of NTG: Nitro administration can cause irreversible shock to patients that use this new drugs.

12 Lead Cardiography for the field............... The NEW standard for CARDIAC evaluation and MI recognition.

Strokes: New treatment for the the acute thrombolytic stroke patient...............

Medic: The Story of EMS. A detailed version of the history of EMS and how the profession evolved from the begining. This is a very comprehensive and informative document.

The Magic Wand "The Caduceus" and how the Star of life became our symbol.

Tactical EMS: Medics working with S.W.A.T. units.

R.S.I.: Paramedics in San Diego County are treating head injured patients with paralytics to inable airway control and positive pressure ventilation with intubations. Find out how "the study" is designed and what the protocol dictates...

Medic News: Diverse and informative stories and news articles from around the world and locally...