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Electronic Virtual Post Office
Provided by The San Diego Paramedics
100's of our images and 1000's more to choose from!

Any ??? Plz E-mail The Post Master...

Pickup a card:
Access the Post Office Pickup Window

Cut and paste the Digital Post Card ID # from the E-Mail message into the form in the next page.

Click here for Directions for sending a CARD...

Send a card:
Go to the Post Card Rack:
select from multiple windows to browse for a image to use...
(make a note of the image ID number, go to "Create A Card" and enter the number in "Select a Picture option under the images. CLICK on THE OK BUTTON..." in the Create a PostCard Form)


Enter the Public Safety Post Office!

Follow the instructions on the next screen,
then select a language...
This will take you to STEP ONE. Select an image or go to the "Select a Picture" option ...
You can select backkground images, music and enter in your own personal message. OK?
The button to "Step # 2" is near the bottom.

There are 5 windows total, plus the images in the "Create a Post Card" form.

Look for this link to select additional images by using the "I.D. number" of the image in "Select a Picture Option."
More images from The Public Safety Net's Electronic "Virtual" Post Office

Brought to you by The San Diego Paramedics...

"The finest paramedics in the world and on the W.W.W. from America's finest city"

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