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A.B.C.D. FOUR Division KELLY Shift Schedule

"DeskTop Calendar / ShiftManager"Download the complete Desktop "intereractive" program (full Windows operating program).Created by HotShift...
(see the image below)

Download and install this program on your computer with many options available and a fully interactive use.

WWW Interactive Calendars:
Three Options:
WWW Java versions
Web Browser JAVA Scripted Calendars:
Used with MS Internet Explorer
Used with All Browsers
{short description of image} SHIFT CALENDAR(best choice for all browsers) {short description of image} "Live" Monthly SHIFT CALENDAR {short description of image}"Scrolling" Yearly SHIFT CALENDAR
Java CODE Selects the "best calendar" for your browser. MicroSoft Internet Exporer 4.X ONLY Veiwable with MS Internet Explorer 4.X & NetScape 4.X and older Browsers
Calendar Ledgend
A =A Division
B =B Division
C =C Division
D =D Division
* =Pay Day
_ =28 day cycle
White Box indicates current day
NOW Button brings you back to the current month
Buttons scroll through the months
The FORM Buttons select Months and Year

Desk Top Version / sample image
{short description of image}

Download Hot Shift Or here
HOT Shift Home

HotShift Calendar - Ver: 3.0.2
Written by: Subframe
2814 W. Cherokee
Enid, OK. 73703
Screen Shot
ASP Member=N
Release Date: 05/13/2002
Release Status: Minor Update
File Size: 2734k  -  2.67MB Type: Shareware
Cost: 10
Keywords: shift, calendar, platoon, schedule, fire, emt, ems

A freeware/shareware calendar program for fire fighters and other workers who work a rotating shift schedule. It can handle 24-hour shifts or a two shifts per day schedule. Up to four platoons can be accommodated and are indicated by color coding and/or captions. A printing utility can produce calendars with up to 20 months on one page. A web calendar generator can make straight html calendars or javascript calendars in three styles.

Contact Info:
General Phone:
General Email: subframe@pldi.net

Support Phone:
Support Email: subframe@pldi.net

Sales Phone:
Sales Email: subframe@pldi.net

Order Online:

Download URLs:

Supported Operating Systems: Win95,Win98,WinME,WinXP
System Requirements:PC 486 or greater 32MB, 6MB HD free space
Install Support: Install and Uninstall
{short description of image}

Special thanks to David Lawver, HotShift Calendar, for creating the CODE for the SDF&LSS "Shift Manager & Hot Shift"
David is a Retired Enid Fire Department, Enid, Oklahoma Fire Fighter.



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