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Not wearing your seat belt can be murder on your clothes!

Jessica looked for weeks for the perfect dress. That night, because she didn't want to get it wrinkled, Jessica didn't buckle her seat belt.

But it wasn't the seat belt that ruined her dress. It was the paramedics who cut it off of her to save her life!!!

A few seconds to buclke up and he could have finished the season.

Tom earned his letter jacket the hard way
and he wore it every where he went.

The jacket made his seat belt feel uncomfortable so he quit buckling up.

The paramedics noted the jacket as they cut it off of him after the wreck.

Now Tom will not finish the season.
He's too busy learning how to walk again.....

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The finest Paramedics in the world and on the W.W.W. from America's Finest City...

The San Diego Paramedics

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