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Honoring The Fallen On 09/11/01
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The Land of The Free and The Home of The Brave

50 States in 50 Weeks
And the Armed Forces of America that are preserving and have in the past, securred our freedom.
And all of the Public Safety Personnel on the JOB today willing to make the supreme sacrifice for others.

The Patriot Flag - Buckeye Arizona Police Department 11/6/2010
Image: Rick Ovolio - Return With Honor
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Note: When the flag is in transit via FedEx on an airplane
the tracking system will not be activated.

We would like to acknowledge FedEx and U-Haul for their commitment and support of this project and our dream of having this symbol of freedom tour the country. They have proven to be true patriots and without their support, we would have never been successful.

U-Haul United-We-Stand
U-Haul has donated the use of this NEW Truck to us for The Ten Year Anniversary

We created this web site with simple code and without FLASH or system demanding apps.
We are producing a book with a chapter for each city. Check back in 2012 for more details...
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The Patriot Flag Retirement Ceremony in Escondido CA. on October 2nd 2011 in Escondido CA
where the journey bagan in a OFFICIAL Traditional Flag Retirement Ceremony at The American Legion JB Clark Post 149.

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Retired FDNY Lt Joe Torrillo (Survivor of the collapse of WTC 1&2) with The Boy Scouts of America Troop 669
stand guard durring the ceremony. We are tired and so is the flag. It is Bitter Sweet,
but our task now complete and the mission successful. We sent a message the world: We Still STAND UNITED.
And to the 9/11 Family Members: We Have NOT FORGOTTEN!
Tired, tattered and torn but still in its glory and flying proudly at the ceremony for the final flight,
the flag will now rest in peace with honor and dignity!

KUSI San Diego News - The Patriot Flag Retirement

The PATROT FLAG (30 X 56 foot - 75 pounds) has toured the United Sates in honor of the fallen on 9/11/01.
It also represents the resolve of AMERICANS and our quest to live free.

The Patriot Flag was donated to the WORLD MEMORIAL by a group of businessmen (Escondido Auto Park Association)
from Escondido California through the American Legion Post J.B.Clark Post 149.
What began as a casual conversation at a funeral in Feb. 2010 for a WWII Veteran (Alex Kapitanski-The West Coast Flag Man) in Oceanside CA.,
The Patriot Flag Project has evolved into a national project of patriotism. It is a testimate to what happened on 9/11/2001 and how we responded as a nation on 9/12 and the days that followed.

Why is the flag named The Patriot Flag...?
Patriot: "One Who Loves Their Nation."
And, Patriot Day - 9/11

In conjunction with The American Legion J.B.Clark Post 149 - Vietnam Era Veteran Wayne Louth
and WORLD MEMORIAL a nonprofit federal recognized public charity, this flag toured the USA!

The Patriot Flag - Escondido CA - March 3rd 2010.
The Patriot Flag flew on this pole for 8 months before it was donated to the WORLD MEMORIAL on August 15, 2010

The flag belongs to ALL Americans and has no special connection other than it is big and it toured the U.S.A.
in honor of the fallen on 9/11 and those who serve.

The cross counrty tour began in San Diego on September 10, 2010 and ended back in San Diego on September 2nd 2011.

When the flag returns to California on Sept 2011, it was displayed and or flown in SoCal cities.

After the tour was completed, the flag was transported by uniformed personnel. From this point forward
it will be transfered to the agencies hosting the flag with full honor and glory in a ceremonial method.
On Sept 8th, the flag traveled to Somerset Pensylvainia.
On Sept 9th and 10th, the flag will flew in Somerset PA on the Veterans Memorial Flag Pole.

On 9/11/11 the flag flew in Shanksville, PA., The Pentagon - Arlington Virginia and New York City in Times Square.

On 9/12 we displayed the flag in prominent locations in NYC

It then traveled to Arlington Cemetary, VA. and Washington D.C. on 9/13, and Fort McHenry, MD on 9/14.

On 9/15 the flag was displayed at The Betsy Ross House and The Liberty Bell.

There are a few locations that will fly the flag before an OFFICIAL retirement ceremony on October 2nd in Escondido CA.
where the flag flew for approximately 8 months before it was donated to the WORLD MEMORIAL.
It will then be placed on display in an appropriate - honorable location to be announced.

We had no idea that the flag would become such an important AMERICAN ICON.
All we wanted to do was take it to NEW YORK CITY for 9/11/11, the TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY.
An idea that evolved at a funeral for a veteran,
we realized within a day that we needed to take it to all 3 cities that suffered the attack on freedom.
Within a week (March 2010) we came up with options and plans to send it to every state.
With the year long tour looming on August 26th 2010, and only 2 cities commmitted,
thanks to FEDEX our dream and plan became a reality and the flag started to write it's own story as the tour progressed.

The Shipping BOX measures 36.25 X 20.25 X 28 Inches and weighs about 150 pounds.
Pertaining to the schedule and holidays and weather, the flag generally shipped on
Monday afternoons and arrive at the next destination by Tuesday a.m. - Wed a.m. every week.
All of the shipping paperwork, a 6X16 foot Never Forget Banner, The Flag remant for signing, hardware and rigging
was included along with a Guest Book and FOUR 3X5 - 9/11 Memorial Flags.

We also reserved the right to cancel or change a scheduled displays. This due to weather and or circumstances beyond our control.

Please watch this Viedo Clip from

CBS Nightly News: Marvin Hume "Keeping The Memories Alive"

As this flag toured the country, all 50 States in the Union,
it sent a message to the world and the famlies
of the loved ones that were lost on 9/11/01.

Criss crossing the country, hosted by Fire and Police Departments, American Legion Posts and PATRIOTS,
the flag honored the men and women on the job today protecting the citizens they serve.
This flag project might not be as important as other flags touring the United States.
However, it was an American micro-historic event.
And, the flag garnered no more repsect than the 3X5 or 4X6 flag flying at your local Post Office or library.

Approximately 136,276 miles traveled since Sept. 10th 2010

Pacific Beach California 10/01/11

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Photo courtesy: Mitch Mendler
By Land, Air and Sea... Planes, Trains and Automobiles...
Coldest: Fairbanks, Alaska -20 Degrees / Warmest: Bullhead City, Arizona 115 Degrees
Most northern city: Kotzebue, Alaska - 33 miles inside the Artic Circle.
Most southern city: Honolulu.
50 States - over 200 cities as of Sept 18th. 2011


The trip to the East Coast for the Ten Year Anniversary started in San Diego with a Limo ride to the airport at 4:30 a.m.
We traveled 2481 miles from SAN DIEGO to Pittsburg and an additional 1115 miles on to Philly for the completion
of the Ten Year Anniversary Tour. In eight days we visited eight states (a few of them 2 - 3 times).
We came accross an accident on 9/13/11 at 3:30 a.m. on The New Jersey Turnpike which we were
able to avoid only to set ourselves up to potentially get hit by multiple (24 plus) Semi-Trucks.
After treating and aiding the unconcious victim (car under semi-trailer) and risking our lives without traffic control,
we continued on our journey to Arlington NationalCemetary with no sleep.
Our total estinmated sleep - down time for the eigth day journey was less than 28 hours.
With coffee and adrenaline we pushed forward to complete our tasks.
Limo Ride 9/8/11 4:30 a.m.
Limo Ride 9/8/11 4:50 a.m.
SAN DIEGO Lindberg Field 9/8/11
Harbor Police

United 476 San Diego to Chicago 9/8/11

Chicago Airport 9/8/11
United 732 9/8/11
Pittsburg Airport 9/8/11
Somerset Veterans Memorial Flag Pole
9/11 Memorial
Shanksville PA. Airline Pilot and Flight Crew Memorial

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Photo courtesy: Mitch Mendler
Shanksville PA. 09/11/11

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Photo courtesy: Mitch Mendler
Arlington VA. (The Pentagon) 09/11/11

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Photo courtesy: Mitch Mendler
Times Square NYC 09/11/11

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Photo courtesy: Mitch Mendler
WTC Site NYC 09/12/11

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Photo courtesy: Mitch Mendler
Battery Park The Koenig Sphere NYC 09/12/11

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Photo courtesy: Mitch Mendler
Rockafella Plaza NYC 09/12/11

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Photo courtesy: Mitch Mendler
Grand Central Station NYC 09/12/11

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Photo courtesy: Mitch Mendler
Arlington National Cemetary VA. 09/13/11

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Photo courtesy: Mitch Mendler
Washington DC. 09/13/11

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Photo courtesy: Mitch Mendler
Fort McHenry - Birthday of The Star Spangled Banner

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Photo courtesy: Mitch Mendler
The Betsy Ross House 09/15/11

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Photo courtesy: Mitch Mendler
The Liberty Bell 09/15/11

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Photo courtesy: Mitch Mendler

Photos from the Cross Country Tour
Seattle Fire Dept - 01/04/11

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Photo courtesy: Helen Fitzpatrick
Saint Louis Fire Dept - 06/19/11

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Photo courtesy: Mitch Mendler
INTERNATIONAL: Saint Paul Fire Dept Canada - Rouse Point NY 07/01/11
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Photo courtesy: Mitch Mendler
Mount Rushmore, S.D. 08/06/11

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Photo courtesy: Mitch Mendler

Burlington Vermont 7/3/11 Patriot Flag March
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Burlington Vermont Coast Guard Station
TAMB Boat CG 2G155

Transported The Patriot Flag on Lake Champlain 7/1/11
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Moorsville Indiana Girl Scouts
Troop 1167
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Escondido California Cub Scouts
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Springfield Ohio Cub Scouts Troop 113
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Marseilles, Illinois - Lexi / Joe Torrillo - 6/18/11

Dover, Delaware Girl Scouts - Chesapeake Bay - Troop 90 - 6/12/11

Joseph, Marie, Isabella, and Joseph - Joliet, Illinois 6/17/11
Plattsburgh NY KIDS 7/2/11

"We did not run. The first responders, paramedics, police officers, firefighters, lay persons (second responders),
and the armed forces defended liberty and freedom on 09/11/01"

Unfurling this flag - flying the red, white and blue - will stir the American spirit.
Mitch Mendler - Firefighter Paramedic

It began on Sept. 10th. 2010. It ends in August 2011.
We had 50 weeks... tks, Mitch
Image: James Carter SDFD Engineer/Paramedic

The Patriot Flag as well as all of the flags The WORLD MEMORIAL flys are Made in The USA.
What is more patriotic than the U.S.A. Flag flying on a fire truck?
Please support us...

The OFFICIAL Patriot Flag Spokesperson:
FDNY Retired Lieutenant Joe Torrillo
Twice survived the collapse of WTC 2 & 1 on Sept 11 2001

"After 9-11, it was the re-united United States. It brought about a sense of pride and unity and everybody stood together."
"It was a day that people put all differences aside, in racial and religious and ethnic boundries,
and I think we became the re-Unted States of America.
I think the theme to go forward and having this flag fly all across the country,
is that we really need to rethink what the country means to us and what do we mean to the country!"

Shelby Farms - Patriot Lake - Sept 30 2010 - Retired FDNY Lieutenant Joe Torrillo.
The 344th FDNY missing firefighter. Missing and presumned dead for 3 days - found in a hospital in New Jersey.

The Flag is shipped by FedEx as a major sponsor of this project at no cost.

FedEx HUB - Indianapolis Indiana June 1st 2011
Thank You FedEx, without their LOGISTICAL Support,
we would not have been able to complete this task.
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Palo Verde Middle School - Glendale Arizona
Future Heroes Day at Sanderson Ford - Veterans Memorial and 9/11 Never Forget Display

Material (the flag remnant cut off when the flag was repaired) will also be on the tour with The Patriot Flag.
This 4 X 20.5 foot piece of the flag was saved when the flag was repaired.
People from all over the USA have signed the Red and White STRIPES and the guest book.

Flag repair at Le Mars Fire Station One, Iowa - half way through the cross country tour.
The flag has taken a beating traveling around the country.
It has suffered a few tears from the Fire Truck ladder hardware.
But, just as we have had our hearts torn, we grieve and we keep moving forward.

Retired Fire Chief Wayne Schipper
41 year member of theLe Mars Fire Dept. / Career US Navy Master Chief - Member American Legion

Empire Cleaners Hazleton PA - 04/28/11 - Darlene - repairing The Patriot Flag

Betsy Ross - Flag Repair 6/11/11 Philadelphia

Charolette Louth- Flag Repair 8/31/11 Escondido CA

For more information contact:

Mitch Mendler (Project Coordinator - Logistics) 619-944-7011

Wayne Louth Project Scheduling - Planning )
Patriot Becky GinsbachProject Assistant / PR/Events Coordinator - Media Liaison / Phone # 503-706-7930 Area Coordinator Oregon

Tony Weizer Sturgis - 50th State Ceremony and Patriot Ralley
Leana Cochrane FedEx - Indianapolis Coordinator
Paramedic Chris Howard Area Coordinator - OHIO
Patriot Cecil Alg Regional Coordinator - NORTH DAKOTA / MINESOTTA
Fire Chief Rupard Area Coordinator - KENTUCKY
Public Safety Administrator Jodie Hettrick Area Coordinator - ALASKA
Fire Fighter Chris Porterfield Area Coordinator - OHIO
Patriot Ann Haigh Redional Coordinator - ALABAMA / FLORIDA
Fire Chief David Schipper Area Coordinator - IOWA
Patriot Judy Peters Regional Coordinator - ARKANSAS / TEXAS / OKLAHOMA
Fire Fighter Bill Rosemeier Regional Coordinator - ILLINOIS / WISCONSIN
Patriot Holly Rimes Regional Coordinator SOUTH CAROLINA / GEORGIA
Fire Fighter Thomas Middleton Regional Coordinator - VERMONT / NEW HAMSHIRE / MAINE / MASSACHUSETS
Marine Corps Gunnery Seargent Tony Wieser Regional Coordinator - NORTH DAKOTA / SOUTH DAKOTA / WYOMING
Patriot Rosa Myer WORLD MEMORIAL Secretary

Wayne Louth Project Scheduling - Support - Planning

Mitch Mendler
The Patriot Flag Project Coordinator - Logistics

Brus Messinger WORLD MEMORIAL Founder

FDNY Retired Lieutenant Joe Torrillo Twice survived WTC 1&2 / OFFICIAL Patriot Flag Spokesperson Phone # 917-863-8656
Mitch Mendler (Project Coordinator - Logistics) Phone # 619-944-7011
Wayne Louth (Project Scheduling - Planning) Phone # 760-746-1172
Becky Ginsbach Project Assistant / PR/Events Coordinator - Media Liaison / Area Coordinator - OREGON Phone # 503-706-7930

BRIEF DISCLAIMER: We reserve the right to not work with hosting volunteers and or organizations based upon political views and or allianances. We also will take action to cancel any event and or displaying of The Patriot Flag if political or religious agendas are discovered.

Make a Secure DONATION OnLine: Donation through
WORLD MEMORIAL, a 501 c 3 Federal Recognized Public Charity - EIN: 48-1292008
All support, donations, and correspondences are welcomed at this address:
3616 Hartzel Drive, Spring Valley, CA. 91977

The story of the USA FLag
ZTEC Insurance


Please visit this web site.
They will donate one dollar
for every shirt sold.
ENTER: thepatriotflag for the code

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