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Post 50 State Tour

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50th STATE
South Dakota
Post 50
State Tour
10 year Anniversary
Shanksville, Arlington, NYC
Post Anniversary
The Patriot Flag Retirement 10/02/11
Photographs of The Patriot Flag flag as it traveled to all of the 50 UNITED STATES
before it flies in Shanksville PA., Arlington VA and Manhattan N.Y.C. on the Tenth Anniversary.
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Korean War
Veterans 8/16

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Crystal City 8/19

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Washington D.C. I.A.F.F. HQ 8/22

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East Naples 8/24

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Colonia Fire Dept Woodbridge NJ 08/25

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Woodbridge NJ 08/26

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Colonia Country Club 8/27

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NY Giants / NY Jets 8/29

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Los Angeles Fire Training Faciliity, CA 9/2

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Los Angeles City, CA 9/2

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San Diego POPS 1812 Overture 9/2-3-4

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Alpine, CA 9/5

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Rancho San Diego, CA 9/6

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US Border Crossing San Diego, CA. 9/7

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Metro Transit Authority San Diego 9/7

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