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This site is a Public Safety Service Site for the citizens of San Diego and "The World." It is hosted by the
"Finest Paramedics" in the world and on the "World Wide Web" from "Americas' Finest City."

It is updated at least 3 times per week and E-Mail is checked daily. Please be patient with responses, sometimes our schedule is a little overwhelming!!!

Dynamic ideas are planed including an "Interactive" 12 lead E.C.G. forum, interactive forms and more JAVA scripting. We have also added a "Chat Forum..."

We are willing to accept constructive criticism, opinions, and ideas!!!!!

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We also exercise our rights as Americans to use this medium as a way to express ourselves and share our ideas with the world under protection from the
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Proud to be Americans and proud to serve our citizens and visitors to our cities.

Thank you again for accessing our site.
The San Diego Paramedics!!!


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The Danger ZoneWhy this midi file, Why not:
Every response we go on is a potential "danger zone."
We would like to take this moment as a memorial to all families and friends of E.M.S. personnel;
Police, Fire, and Medical who have lost their lives or have become disabled in the line of duty while preserving life, limb, and property !!!
Memorial for fallen Public Safety Personnel hosted by The Women in the Fire Service...
Operated by Samatha Woods.

Special tks to for the Danger file...
Eternal Flame for fallen Public Safety Personnel

E.M.S. and Public Safety Personnel Prayers

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