Dear Friends,

We couldn't possibly copy all of the e-mail responses to Imagine on this page...there were hundreds! But here's a sampling. Our family was deeply touched and transformed by the letters. The World is actually a very beautiful  place, filled with (mostly) loving and compassionate people. May it ever  be so!


What a beautiful presentation. I cried the first and second time I viewed it and will probably  cry every next time I see it. Imagine John Lennon, still sending his message of peace to the world. And imagine the world responding!

There may  be hope yet.

Thank you.


Just when I thought I had cried all the tears I could. Your web site
really made me realize that, governments aside, the world shares our
Thank you.

dear mcnally's,  what an excellent commemoration.

every american needs to see this (as does every
compassionate human being, world over). the genuine
support, concern, and sadness shown in these pictures
and your presentation are the first real comfort i've
felt over this tragedy.

thanks for doing a great job with such a great idea.

All I can  say is THANK YOU!! You have made the most memorable website
ever!! I have passed the link to your website on to several friends and
wanted to thank you myself for your precious efforts for peace.
Brightest Blessings to you and yours.

Dear Artists,
Thank you very much for the work you did and the pictures with such a  great
song. I am a U.S. Navy veteran and feel that all the people will finally
come together after this horrible strike on the U.S. Too bad all the people
didn't pull together sooner..... Sincerely,


I received your "Imagine" presentation by email this morning. I watched,  I cried and was touched once again by the dream of a united world. We  believed in the 60's that this was possible....perhaps now it is. Words are such poor servants to thank you for sharing. Thank you for touching  my soul.

Gentle People,
Mark emailed your beautiful heart rending offering. Thank you
for "imaging" the Truth!

My Grand Daughter forward this wonderful piece of art that had deep,
penetrating meaning. I was spell bound by it. It makes me feel that
there really is only one world.

Best wishes  from Finland. These people here have been so sorry for you in
States....We really are together and would do anything we can to help
you...God bless you all. love Lea

Thank you for that inspiring piece of artwork!!! At a time like this it is
nice to know there are so many who care about destruction, terrorism, but
most importantly the human mankind
Thank you.  No single media source since the tragedy has conveyed World
unity like you did in two minutes. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Great site and your "Imagine" piece brought tears to my eyes. I'm just a newbie to computer possibilities; could you tell me what type of program would be needed to make something like that? Thanks for your time reading  this and for sharing "Imagine" with the world, John
Dear friends,
Thank you. I couldn't stop crying.
I am so touched  by your beautiful presentation.
I am forwarding to all.
Many heart felt thanks...
Thank you for  the amazing "Imagine" gallery -- I work at AOL and sent it to all my colleagues who have been working day and night on coverage for AOL, all whom took several minutes to really absorb it's message. It was a wonderful  and emotional tribute.
A friend sent  it to me. Thank you. What a beautiful tribute to the
enormous compassion in human hearts.
In San Francisco
Thank you from Santa Barbara

A Firefighters Prayer

When I am  called to duty God,
Wherever Flames may rage
Give me the strength to save some life
Whatever Be it's age.

Help me embrace  a little child
Before it is too late,
Or save an older person from
The horror of that fate.

Enable me  to be alert and
Hear the weakest shout
And quickly and efficiently
To put the fire out.

I want to  fill my calling and
To give the best in me
To guard my every neighbor
And protect their property.

And if according to your will
I have to lose my life
Please bless with your protecting hand
My children and my wife.


It is beautiful, to begin with. I think you guys did a really good job. However, I am not sure if you had labeled a picture wrongly, and it is the one with the monks. Looks more like Thailand to me than India.

Thanks again.  It is wonderful.


I just visited your website and the very nice "Imagine" part.

I'm an Israeli and I'm wondering why there is no picture of Israel and there
is a picture of Palestine? I hope you will add a picture from Israel too
(there are too many)...

What can I say....but  Thanks

You haev use a beautiful message in music with a wonderful message of image to  show a world united........

It made me cry........who knows maybe now we all have learned

We ARE One

I wanted to  tell you how much your Imagine project touched me. I'm an American living in the Middle East and I've seen that the tragedy has affected people from all over the world. However, seeing on your site moved me to tears and it moved me to share it with everyone I know.

As I'm living  in Kuwait, though, I wanted to point out to you the fact that Arabs and Persians have mourned our national tragedy. I know impromptu acts happened in Kuwait but, in Iran, a national soccer game was stopped for I believe  6 minutes. This was aired on CNN, so it should be fairly easy to get a  clip of it. I mention this because there has been so much anti-Arab and anti-Muslim sentiment in the U.S. and I think it would be wonderful for  Americans to see support from this region. I believe you have the power  to help many hearts to begin the healing process.

Thank you  for your efforts!

Out of all the documentaries, news broadcasts, television programs...I think
that your imagine Internet piece was perhaps the most emotionally provoking.
Thank you for sharing your intelligence and creativity and showing it to the
Internet community.
All the best,
To the people  at Avalon Arts,
I wanted to thank you for the treatment that you gave in the production  of
the "Imagine" page. I only wish that I could somehow thank personally, all
those people in the pictures who personally reached out to the United States
in their touching vigils. Like everyone in our nation and around the world,
I am shocked and puzzled at the recent events and only hope that the people
of the world can pull together to seek resolve in these trying times.
Thanks again for your gift to me and the people who have viewed your pages.
Portland, Oregon
hi -
i received your beautiful piece emailed from a friend.
i wished to send it on to others --- until i got to
the photo labeled "palestine". the arab nations
comprise about 98% of the middle east. israel is a
tiny place, and it is the only jewish state. it is
israel, not palestine.
this entire tragedy happened because of terrorist
fundamentalists. the same ones who wish to wipe
israel off the face of the earth also wish to destroy
america. please, i don't see how denying israel's
existance could be a way to send a peace message to
the world. please change that part of your otherwise
beautiful message.
all the best to you,
I really really  like what you did with the Imagine.html ... beautiful, really very impressive ... I do have to say I missed my country in the list of countries, though ... The Netherlands. But aside from that, my compliments ...


Your photo montage was sent to me by a fellow drummer here in Seattle. I cried and your piece is beautiful.

I still feel,  though, that understanding equally deeply the anti-American feelings of many Middle Easterners and Arabs is a missing important aspect to the Imagine piece.

After all, if we can be so compassionate towards ourselves, wouldn't it be good (and  mature) to also practice being compassionate towards our "enemies," towards people we don't understand, are afraid of, are culturally ignorant of, etc.?

Don't get  me wrong, I'm not criticizing. Your piece is exquisite and needed and our grieving process is necessary and important to our future emotional  maturity as a country.

I'm offering up a creative challenge to use imagery and music as eloquently to express  the outrage and defiance of alienated Arabs and others. They have important  reasons for their political passion against us and if we saw those reasons, we would see why they hate us.

This is crucial  for our species survival and for continuing to build a world politics not based on might, violence and war, but on the emotional evolution and  spiritual maturation of humanity. The media, such as yourselves, has an awesome and potent opportunity to give us opportunities for species-empathy, not just nation and culture empathy.

Go for it!!!

Great page the imagine song with the world wide support. Made me cry. I
want to send the link to family and friends but it didn't transfer
correctly in my email. Please help. Thanks
for the good feeling about the worldwide population.
I appreciate the changes you made to your piece.
That way, the message is clear without the denial of
Israel which labeling a photo "Palestine" would do.
The AP has been notorious for this.
Thank you for your response.
Thank you so much for the beautiful presentation from around the world. It
was a powerful thing to see....our neighbors and other countries
recognizing. I pray for America and for you all at Avalon Arts. Thank you
so much again for your encouragement in this dark hour.


Thank you for sharing.
Thank you for the Imagine site. We need more of this.
That was great. Do you believe in some of the things he was saying in that
song? It's got to be one of the best songs ever made, if not THE BEST.
Thank you all for this lovely helps the tears to flow.
David & Ellen
I thought I had no more tears left...boy was I wrong. Powerful ! One of the best I have  gotten during this horrific time. Thank you for your work ! kathy  will go around the world and may have already......sincerely, ron, sarasota,fl  good luck......
thank you so  much for putting that piece together. I believe it made alot of people feel better. marjory
thank you for sharing this with me. it's incredibly beautiful how many
people have united in mourning for the thousands of victims to this tragedy.

i'm overwhelmingly touched

My sister shared  the web site address for your beautiful presentation.
Thanks for taking the time to create something so wonderful that adds to the
unity of the people of the world. I believe it's this type of togetherness
that will enable all of us to not only survive this terrible time, but to
survive with dignity and love for our fellow man.

I pray that  the people with love in their hearts will outnumber those with
anger and hate. May God continue to bless us all.

Seattle, Washington

Thank you so  much for your beautiful "Imagine" piece. A reminder that most
people are GOOD, and loving, and caring -- all over the world. Thank you.
What a moving,  lovely thing you have created and I thank you for sending it
out so that it got to me today and I could send it, too.
Duxbury, Massachusetts
My Dear Friends and Colleagues,

In brief....Simply wonderful.

In a few more words: You have sincerely caught the emotion that has stirred
so many hearts around the world in the aftermath of the tragic occurrences
that have beset this nation in recent days. I was in Russia at a conference
with 4 other colleagues when the news broke there on the television about
the attacks. I cannot express to you the deep sympathy and heartfelt anguish
that our Russian and other European colleagues felt and expressed to us
concerning what had happened half a world away. Of all that I have seen  and
heard since that tragic day, I think your work has come closest to
expressing the emotions of all of us who were in Russia during that time.

Many thanks  for your work. We want you to know that this work has touched
all of us in our department very deeply this day.

Dr. Mark

Incredible  piece.
Thank you so much for creating it and sharing it with us.
What if the time has come and we could actually create that vision right

Be well; Be blessed,
~ sfk
Woodbridge, Virginia

mahalo and  aloha blessing rains,
marina and son, armandito
Hello dear  Charlene,
Renz forwarded me the moving Imagine video and it is very moving and well
done. Of course I in my turn have forwarded too and so I imagine it will be
making quite a journey round the World!
Very best wishes to you all and I hope that you are well and that a certain
amount of cautious optimism is now taking hold in your lives - this seems  to
be the case here -
Wow. I am sitting at my computer at work, desperately trying to hide
the fact that tears are slowly leaking out of my eyes. I have seen tons
of Attack-related sites and shows, but they have all been of horrible
sensationalized pictures. Your contribution to this shocking situation
actually made me feel a little better about things. When our country
was hit by the terrorists, I must admit that I was very nervous to find
out if the reports of other countries supporting us were true-I had a
bad feeling that it might have been lip service. But common people who
live day-to-day in their hometowns don't bother sending lip service
across oceans to people they have never met. The pictures you included
gave me a sense of belonging in the world, not just in my country.
Thank you profoundly for this.
Beautiful,  truly beautiful

John, Melbourne, Australia

Dear Friends,

I was just forwarded your "Imagine." Of all the things that have been sent
to me since Sept. 11, this was the most moving and reflective of how I see
the world. Thank you for giving us all hope and inspiration. I needed  that
cry very badly.

Love and Peace,


Your slide  show is very touching and I thank you for taking the time to
put such a powerful message together.

God Bless,

Thanks for  doing this and for sharing it... about as
powerful a message as I've seen and does more to show
that we are all one on this planet than any words
someone could speak.
Underhill, Vermont
I absolutely  enjoyed the piece you put together. It was very
touching and beautiful,and I shed more tears then I thought possible.
Can you add more countries to it, such as Portugal, Cape-Verde,
Senegal, South Africa, and Middle Eastern countries? I'm sure some
of them are also feeling our pain as well as the rest of the world.
Again, thank you so much for such a beautiful piece of work. I love
going back to it just for a good cry and a reminder that I'm so lucky
to be living in such a great country. God Bless You and America.
I just wanted to say thank you for the job well done on the IMAGINE
piece. I was so beautiful and I had to start it over 5 times before I
saw the whole thing without crying. Excelllent job.

Your "Imagine" moved me very much. Thank you for doing this.



I just wanted to thank you for the tribute you have given our nation by
putting together your website. This truly is a piece of art, and a
beautiful tribute to America, and its people.
My name is  T***, I am a Systems Administrator/Computer Consultant at
**** University. One of my colleagues sent me the link to your site.
The presentation was beautiful! As I watched the presentation, the only
thing that came to my mind was "If God is watching, I know he is proud of
his children!"

You guys have done a wonderful job on the site! It is amazing to see people
from all walks of life coming together as one. When the terrorism occurred,
I was at work in my office. Since we conduct workshops to train faculty, we
have a lab area that contains a built-in projection system. As my
colleagues turned on the television, I was stunned to see the second
airplane hit the second tower in New York City.

As we watched  the towers burn, the left side of the first tower started to
peel away and fall to the ground. A few minutes after that, the entire
building collapsed. About twenty minutes later, the second tower collapsed.

When I saw the second tower collapse, all I could do was get up from where I
was sitting and go cry! The only thing that I could think about were the
people who were still trapped in those buildings. I cried my heart out that
day. Even though I did not know anyone who worked in the WTC towers, it
didn't matter to me. I felt like I lost my sisters and brothers.

I could only visualize the fact that on that day, people were conducting
their normal, everyday activities, and due to this senseless act, there  are
children out there who will never see their mother's and father's again;
husband's and wives who will never see their soul mates again; mother's  and
father's who will never see their children again; and fiance's who will
never have the opportunity of walking down the aisle with that special
someone that they looked forward to spending the rest of their lives with.

The pain that I felt that day will never be forgotten! To this day, my
heart still hurts! My deepest sympathies go out to the victims and those
who lost loved ones. May God bless all of you who cared enough to devote
the time into putting this presentation together on behalf of the victims
who lost their lives in the attack.


Dear John,  Charlene and Kate,

Your work  on this piece is absolutely extraordinary. Thank you so very much
for your efforts and for sharing it. Beautiful. So very beautiful.

It is helpful  to know that we are all one ... as life shifted here in
Manhattan and around the world on September 11th, the only way we will make
it through is by holding hands and sticking together.

I am working on a number of school projects around the globe right now -
actually I prefer to call them small learning communities - centered on
waging peace, stewardship of the earth and the life it supports, arts  and
imagination, social justice, rigorous academics .. etc., and interconnected
them through hybrid new media / distance learning.

I have a retreat with a group of politicians, community leaders, educators,
parents, business leaders, and spiritual leaders in Philadelphia this
weekend, and I'd very much like to show your work to them to inspire them.

Would it be at all possible for you to email the piece to me? I think it
will not be possible to have internet access in our meeting room.

I would deeply appreciate it, and, of course, would give you the credit. It
would only be used in this academic setting.

Many thanks


Avalon Arts,
That was wonderful of you to do such a nice thing!
Very beautiful! It makes us all feel better to know
that the rest of the world is there for our country.
Thanks again,
Thank you for your website and thank you for your pictures.
Anne in London
too cool, sent  to me by a guy in Germany
i think that  what you put together was very nice although it made me cry it
was nice to see that people really do care, it was very thoughtful of you
guys to show you care and to show suport for families who have lost someone
close to them and to show your support to our country.
thank you!!!
You tribute to the events of 9/11have touched my heart. I received your photos and music from one of my students and I would like to personally thank you for sharing  this touching remembrance to our heros and our dead.
Thank you so  much for the work you've done, it was so beautiful and such a
wonderful way to think! May we all think alike one of these
Love to You All!
Thank you for your brought me to tears...and that tender
place inside that recognises we ARE all one.....thank you!
Love and best wishes,
Hello Charlene,
A friend of mine sent me the link to your web site. I felt I had to say  that
this is the most beautiful and emotionally descriptive thing I have seen
concerning the terrorist attack. I only call it a 'thing' since I can't  find
the right words to describe your page. Some how, 'tribute or memorial' don't
seem to be adequate.
Thank you for sharing this page,
Thank you so  much for showing us all what truly is important- we are one-
it's not them vs us its us all working together with love and hope and
new milford, ct
Just a big  thank you for your Imagine clip. I wish every child could see it.
The world is not full of crazy people out there; there are a few crazy
people and the world is full of good and generous people.

I have just visited your "imagine"site.....and under normal circumstances, would not send mail to comment, BUT.....recent events have caused "normal" to be re-defined!

AWESOME....touching.....and  most important....inspiring....and full of hope!!

Thank you....and God Bless!!


Hello Jon,  Charlene and Kate,
Thank you for the beautiful site.
You brought tears to my eyes.
Goodness will always prevail evil
God Bless you, and God America
Thanks, you made a very beautiful memorial. It finally let me cry. L****
Thank you for the presentation of imagine.
It brought me together with so much and so many.
I appreciate the work and time that went into the presentation and I wanted
to let you know that it means a lot to us all.
Very Very well done.



I really liked  the video/pictures you guys put together
in memory of the Victims/Families of the September 11,2001 attack. How come  you dont have the Philippines there?! M just wondering because our country did have a moment of silence and had light their candle in celebration of life of the fallen and victims.
This is no way a negative feedback.
Just inquirng.
A friend sent me your Imagine video. During this chaotic time in America,
your images of peace and unity bring much need peace and comfort. It is  a
beautiful, emotional, touching and inspirational.
I appreciate your creative efforts and hard work. Thank you for providing
Keep up your great work. It is necessary and appreciated.
Your site is  one of the most beautiful ones I've saw. Thank you for taking
the time to put it together. Imagine, the world coming together as
one...showing us how much they care. Just when I thought I was through
crying, more came as I watched this.
that is the most beautiful website
our thoughts are with you, here in Australia, we will not forget what has
We feel love , support and sympathy for your country

thank you  for a good cry, a connection and a most beautiful tribute. This is so wonderful


the best website  of the year, thanks for this site!

Mit fruendlichem Gruß,


25436 Uetersen

I just received your beautiful message from all the countries supporting
us, sharing our grief, etc. It is one of the most touching displays I
have ever seen on computer. I am a teacher, off for the day, and could
not have received a stronger message to start my day with. Thank you
for the time and labor it took to compile the slides. I will share it
with many others. Have a wonderful day and may you be blessed in many
ways as you continue your work. Barbara
Dear Friends,
Thank you so much for the beautiful "Imagine" piece. I received  it from a friend here in San Francisco, and promptly sent it to friends all over the world: To Arabs, Jews, Christians, Hindus, and people of every  creed and color. Everyone has loved it. In this difficult time, soothing  messages, such as yours', contribute to the healing of not just America, but he whole world.
God Bless,
Thank you for the beautiful and moving piece. As a citizen of New York, I
have found myself in many emotional states in the past few weeks, but
surprisingly I hadn't cried until I viewed your site. I truly hope we are
united as one. Thanks again for your work. I will share it with everyone I


Thank you so  much for putting together the video. While it makes the pain of
my broken heart a little more acute, it is helping it to heal. It gives  me
hope that this vision might be attainable. I wonder if John Lennon knows....
Thank you again,



I just viewed  your "Imagine" and wanted to tell you how it touched me so deeply.  I sat and cried while I watched it. And this has been my favorite song since I was about 5 years old; too bad real life couldn't imitate art. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way; I just wanted to thank  you.

A good friend of mine just emailed me your website.
I just wanted to say ...(softly), "thank you"... for a sweet light of
reason during these hellish times. thank you
I saw your  site and thought it was wonderful. I never thought it possible for
so many to come together. After watching the news and the emotions of people
around the world for so many weeks now, what you have done here sums it  all
up. This is the way it should be not just in times of grief and morning, but
Loved the URL but we are very dissapointed here in Australia as we were not mentioned  and had people killed too.

Thank you

thank you for your photo journey of the soul. As a prof. fine-art
photographer, I always appreciate the medium being used to heal, to
transform, for human liberation.
thank you for your vision, your love, and your artistry.
very beautiful

BUT .... very disappointed that my country (Ireland) wasn't included
especially after the outpourings of grief and support
it was unreal here how the people came out in thousands and queued thru  the
day to sign the book of condolenseces - there was a govt led day of mourning
i think capturing ireland would have enhanced a beautiful piece

my sister just  sent me a link to your website...beautiful..touching...
i love it and will be sharing it with my friends too...
the whole world has been touched by this tragedy..let's all hope that the
day is coming soon when children will be able to say they don't know what
terrorism is...
my heart and prayers go to everyone who lost family and friends in new york
on the 11th sep 2001...
God bless
Dear Family,
We are all one... Thank you, thank you, thank you.. This shall continue  to
be forwarded forever...we see peace in our future and love and joy...
May all beings be free...
From the writings of Joan Borysenko:
May your heart be at peace,
May your heart remain open,
May you awaken to the light of your own true nature,
May you be healed,
May you be a source of healing to all beings.
Thank you for the beautiful photographs. This is the way that artists should respond to  September 11. Thank you.
It gave me  some creeps.

I forwarded it to > 300 ICQ people.

Thank you.

Dear Avalon Arts,
You probably have gotten a thousand of these, but here is one more. From a
Lutheran Pastor's perspective, your piece of art, remembrance, and memorial
was not only breath taking, but tear evoking.
Thank you.
Pastor John
Dear Jon and  Arlene,
Thank you for your site of slides from around the world. As an American  living abroad it was especially meaningful to me.
However, I would like to make you aware of one problem. The photograph labeled "West Bank" is not authentic, and could not be Palestinian children. They may be from another Arab country, but not the West Bank of the Jordan.
I live in Israel, and it is well documented by Israel and international  media, that the Palestinians celebrated on hearing the news about the destruction of the WTC and the Pentagon.
This photo most certainly should be removed from the display. I have seen  similar photos on another site which are also not what they are labeled as.
A friend from a different division of my work force emailed me the "Imagine"
attachment. It was the most beautiful gesture I've ever received via email.
What moving and powerful imagery. I cried when I first viewed it and
everyday, before I start my morning, I replay it again.

What is truly  unbelievable is how the whole world is mourning with us.
Through your images, you've helped us to see that humanity unites in times
of need. In their eyes, America represents equal rights, equal opportunity,
and most of all FREEDOM in every sense of the word. When the world sees  the
land of hope and unity suffering at the hands of terrorism, in a way,  they
experience the same emotions and losses. They feel vunerable, compromised,
and angry. So they grieve with us. They too, feel the ache and heaviness in
their hearts...and question how can fanaticism bring such senseless
slaughter of innocent lives, and rape the souls of their loves ones and
fellow countryman?

But, wouldn't  it be nice to release an "Imagine II" showing how our country
banded together so tightly, so evenly yoked, with conviction, strength,  and
absolution...& how we have rebuilt this land's sense of camaraderie  and of
loyalty through acts so kind, so unselfish and so heartfelt that we are
shining brighter than ever and are more PROUD TO BE AMERICAN than ever

God Bless  our country. For we are one nation, indivisible. We ARE liberty
and justice. And we will not be made to totter.

Thanks again,

Thank you folks for the inspiring, beautiful "Imagine." We all must be  aware that most of the world is a wonderful place to be, filled with caring  people. Imagine reminds us of that fact.....John Lennon may have been somewhat a prophet when he wrote Imagine. Just maybe the disasters/tragedies in our great country recently will begin to bring the world together as one. God  willing.......thank you for enlightening so many people with your work. God Bless. B*** of Connecticut
of all of the things i have received since tragedy struck your "Imagine"
movie has been the most meaningful and the most inspirational. it made me  cry
, and want to hold the hands of people i have never even met. after not
knowing wether or not my sister and her husband were even alive for hours
that morning i have so many feelings and prayers for those who lost people
they loved and for all of us who lost people we never knew, yet miss so  very
much. thank you for making us realize that we are not alone in our grief,
that others in the world took time out of their lives to show us how very
much they care about our losses. i have forwarded this to many friends,  and
everyone has felt the same things i have. thank you. amy
Dear John,  Charlene, and Kate -
Thank you for an exquisitely created, deeply touching sequence. By the
second note, I already felt a knot in my throat. I've sent the link to
virtually everyone I know who is wired, and have suggested to the
rector of my parish that we put up a big screen in the sanctuary or
the common room of our church so the entire congregation can
experience the world's caring for us, too.

Dear Charlene  - You may enjoy knowing that I received the link to your
beautiful work from a colleague in Kalamazoo, Michigan (I'm in Santa
Fe, New Mexico) who had received it from the man who led a Peace Dance
she attended last weekend.
I've sent the link on to folk I know around the globe, and I know "I'm
not the only one."

Dear Sir/Madam,
First of all let me inctroduce myself to you; I am D**** from TR,A friend  of mine from has just USA sent me your link ''Imagine...'' I really like  it but I think you have ignored Turkey as a nation that has suffered alot for 25 years from terrorism. In this time period lots of innocent people  died in Turkey and we as a Turk nation know the deep pain in the heart of americans. We always want to deal a blow to terrorism. Turkey always want  piece in every where, in every nation.
I am sorry that you have forgotten Turkey.

Dear staff,  I would like to thank you for putting
together human emotions that are sacred,
especially,when they are expressed out of pure love
and compassion. Yes, we all human beings are one
nation under the blue sky. Let us love each other in
unity.With much love, Nuzhat

Your "Imagine" video is utterly beautiful and wonderful. I wanted to use
the adjective fabulous but was afraid that would send the wrong message.
I don't know who your group is that put this together but I sincerely
commend you and hope with all my heart this video message will reach the
entire world and especially all the people who've lost a loved one like
my family .. a much loved Uncle.
His name was D****, 52, taken from a wife and two children, a
respected and gentle man from Methuen, Massachusetts, visiting the World
Trade Center for a one day business trip.
God help us all, and pray for Peace on Earth,
I love you whoever you are,
Winchendon, Massachusetts.

I wondered as I watched this montage... If John, up in heaven, knows that
his song is an instrument of solace and peace for so many people in these
trying times..
It touched my soul.....
John wanted so much to have peace in the world, to have people "come
together", over him...
Now we have done just that....
God Bless us all, and God Bless John Lennon for making us think.
thank you for such a beautiful piece... it brought me to tears.

Truly wonderful.
If those monsters thought they'd tear America apart,
the joke's on them. I've seen how this tragedy has
brought our country together, but you show that it's
brought the WORLD together as well.
Beautiful work.
Thank you.

Thank you  so much for your beautiful website full of inspiring photos from
around the world. I watched it with tears in my eyes and hope in my heart.
It's a wonderful reminder that goodness and love prevail.
Ghandi said, "When in despair I remember that all through history  the way
of truth and love has always won; there have been tyrants and murderers, and
for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall."
Thank you for reminding us all that we are not alone in our suffering.
God bless you. (Los Angeles)

thank you  so much
i play it over and over
my tears are of grief
for my beautiful country and mankind