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Highlight your department's accomplishments and stand against terrorism, in unity for Freedom, Liberty and Peace.
WORLD MEMORIAL will proudly display your department's badge, military medallion/insignia or service patch.
This unique exhibit will highlight the thousands of men and women in units across this nation that daily provide public service and life-saving assistance – anytime and anywhere.

Mitch Mendler, 3616 Hartzel Dr. Spring Valley, CA. 91977, TEL: 619-944-7011
List of Cities, FIRE, PD, EMS, Airline, Union & Military Endorsements

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Pieces of History


Currently 149 Department Badges Submitted
$500 "In Harms Way" Contributions indicated with an astrick. Department Endorsement in blue.

2003 British Columbia, Canada
Maple Ridge Fire
Vancouver Fire

2004 Pasadena ROS Concert
* South Pasadena Firefighters, Local 3657

2004 San Diego Balboa Park
* San Diego Fire Rescue, Chief Bowman, San Diego City Fire Fighters Local 145 Community Responsibility Fund
San Diego Police Department, Chief Lansdowne
Coronado Fire, Chief Kim Raddatz
* Santee Fire, Chief Bob Pfohl / Santee Fire Fighters Association
* American Medical Response, San Diego Director Mike Murphy
* Rural Metro Corp - San Diego Medical Services Enterprise, San Diego Operations John Reisdorer
* San Diego City Fire Fighters, Local #145 Community, Responsibility Fund *
* San Diego Burn Institute, Funding, No Badge *
Lakeside Fire Protection District, Chairman Marty Walsh *
* La Mesa Firemen's Association, La Mesa Firemen's Association
* Del Mar Firefighters Association, $300, Chief Ott *
* Solana Beach Firefighters Association, Chief Ott *
Miramar Firefighters, IAFF Local F-289
* San Miguel Firefighters, Local 1434 Foundation *
* San Diego Fire Chief Association, No Badge *
* Private Citizen / Paramedic Fire Fighter Mark and Karen Carnahan, No Badge *

2004 USS Midway Aircraft Carrier
* USS Midway Medallion, Rear Admiral Mac McLaughlin (Ret.)
United Airline Pilot Wings by Captain Pat Crahan (Ret.)
United Airline Flight Attendant Wings by F/A Suzie Turner (Ret.)

2005 San Diego Convention Center, Cygnus FireHouse World Expo
Pasadena Fire, Pasadena Fire Fighters
Vista Fire,  Chief Gary Fisher
Carlsbad Fire, Chief Crawford
Escondido Fire, Chief Reed
San Bernadino Fire, San Bernadino Fire Fighters
East County Fire, Chief Darryl Jobes
Schaffer Ambulance Service, San Diego County E.M.T.'s
North County Fire, North County Fire Fighter's Association
Oceanside Fire, Chief Robert Osby
San Diego Rural Fire Dept, San Diego Rural Fire Fighters
Tijuana Fire Mexico, Tijuana Fire Fighters

2005 Los Angeles Convention Center, FDIC West Fire & EMS Training Expo
* San Gabriel City Firefighters Association President, Engineer Dave Blancett, Local 2197 *
* American Airline Pilot Wings by Captain Bill Shirley (Ret.) *

2006 New York 5th Anniversary, Inwood Park, Manhattan
Intermountain Fire, Chief Gary Coleman
Santa Maria Fire, Chief Frank Ortiz
* National City Firefighters, Local 2744 Chief Juniel, $100 *
Bonita - Sunnyside Fire Dept.
North County Dispatch
Santa Maria Fire Dept. Chief Ortiz
San Diego County Sheriff
Mount Laguna Fire Dept, Chief Strohte
San Diego Fire Communications Center
West Carthage (NY) Volunteer Fire Department
Lawrence Hall Jr.;1st Assistant Chief
Medal for Fire Fighter Brian Dunlap (Camp Pendleton reservist killed in Iraq)
Service Badge for K-9
Intermountain Fire, Chief Gary Coleman
Santa Maria Fire, Chief Frank Ortiz
National City Firefighters, Local 2744 Chief Juniel
Bonita - Sunnyside   Fire Dept. Chief Scott Walker
North County Dispatch, Charlie Knust Communications Supervisor North County Dispatch JPA
Santa Maria Fire Dept. Chief Ortiz
San Diego County Sheriff, Academy Instructor Retired Sheriff Larry Ingraham
El Cajon Fire Dept, Chief Scott
Sycuan Fire Department, Battalion Chief Ray Ruiz
Mount Laguna Fire Dept, Chief Strohte
San Diego Fire Communications Center, Fire Communications Center Dispatcher  
West Carthage (NY) Volunteer Fire Department, Lawrence Hall Jr.,1st Assistant Chief
Camp Pendleton Fire, Camp Pendleton California, Camp Pendleton Fire Fighters in Memory of Brian Dunlap
Queensland Police Department, Australia, Deputy Commissioner Richard Conder
Lemon Grove Fire Department, Lemon Grove, Ca. Chief Torchia
Cypress Creek Fire Department, Texas, Fire Fighter Kirk Crandall
San Diego Harbor Police Department, California, Chief Kirk Sanfilippo
San Pasqual Fire Department, San Pasqual California, Chief Turrentine
San Onofre Fire Department, San Onofre California, Captain Paul Widmark
Fallbrook Fire Department – North County Fire, Fallbrook, CA. Reserve Fire Fighter Mitch Mendler
Phoenix Fire Department, Phoenix, Arizona, Chief Alan Brunacinni
Las Vegas Fire Department, Las Vegas Nevada, Fire Fighter Allan Albaitis
State of California Department of Corrections, Officer Oscar Vargas
Tempe Police Department, Tempe Arizona, Sergeant Dan Masters
Tempe Fire Department, Tempe Arizona, Fire Chief Cliff Jones
Santa Rosa Fire Department, Santa Rosa California, Chief Bruce H. Varner
Gilbert Fire Department, Gilbert Arizona, Chief Collin DeWitt
Miami Dade County Police Department, Miami Florida, Miami Dade Police Officers
Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Chief Stephen McInerny
Saint Paul Fire Department, Saint Paul Minassotta, Captain Mike Selander
Philadelphia Fire Department, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Chief Daniel A. Williams
San Diego Life Guards, San Diego City, Captain Rick Wurtz
Miami Fire Rescue, Miami Florida, Assistant Chief Freddy Hernandez
Pittsburgh Fire, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Pittsburg Fire Fighters Local 1
Nashville Fire, Nashville, Tennessee, Chief Larry Poole
Aeromedevac Air Ambulance Service Wings, San Diego, California, Lola Wipperman, Chief Flight Nurse
Gainesville Fire Rescue, Gainesville, Florida, Chief William Northcutt
Harrisburg Fire Rescue, North Carolina, Chief Brad Christopher
Apple Valley Fire, Apple Valley, CA. Chief Douglas L. Qualls
Orrville Fire Department, Orrville Ohio, Chief Robert Ballentine
West Memphis Fire Department, West Memphis Arkansas, Chief Arburt Robinson
Ponce Inlet Fire Department, Ponce Inlet Florida, Lieutenant Michael Noone III
Daytona Beach Fire, Daytona Beach Florida, Lieutenant John King
Ohio State Fire Marshall, State of Ohio, Chief Deputy State Fire Marshal Gerald F. Robinson
Julian Fire Department, Julian California, Fire Fighter Tool
Cleveland Fire Department, Cleveland Ohio, Chief Patrick Kelly
El Paso Police Department, (safe) El Paso Texas, Chief Richard Wiles
Atlanta Fire Department, Atlanta Georgia, Chief Walter J. Parker
Atlanta Fire Department Olympics
Columbia South Carolina Fire Department, Columbia South Carolina, Chief Wm. Bradley Anderson
USFS, United States Forest Service, Forest Guard, Fire Fighter Jerry Amador
USFS, United States Forest Service, Reserve Ranger, Fire Fighter Jerry Amador
USFS, United States Forest Service, Volunteer, Fire Fighter Jerry Amador
USFS, United States Forest Service, Fire Fighter Jerry Amador
San Diego Fire Rescue Copter One Wings, San Diego County, Captain Robert Lyon
Boise Fire Department, Boise Idaho, Deputy Chief Tracy J. Raynor
Richmond Police Department Sergeant, Richmond Virginia, Master Police Office Baskette
Richmond Police Department Patrol Officer, Richmond Virginia, Master Police Office Baskette
London Metro Police, London England, Police Officer Dave Holgate
New Castle London Upon Time
Surrey Fire and Rescue England, Police Officer Dave Holgate
Chesire Fire England, Police Officer Dave Holgate
Dumfreisand Galloway Fire England, Police Officer Dave Holgate
Essex County Fire England, Police Officer Dave Holgate
Hertfordshire Fire England, Police Officer Dave Holgate
Oxfordshire Fire England, Police Officer Dave Holgate
Cornwall Fire England, Police Officer Dave Holgate
California Department of Forestry, California, Battalion Chief Kelly Zombro
Sacramento Fire Department, Sacramento, California, Fire Chief Julius Joe Cherry
North Hudson Regional Fire Rescue, West New York, New Jersey, Captain Reed
Boulevard Fire, Boulevard, California, Chief Todd Stevens
Flagstaff Fire Department, Flagstaff Arizona, Captain Dave Dobbs
Albuquerque Fire Department, Albuquerque New Mexico, Chief Robert E. Ortega
United States Marine Corps Jump Wings Shawn Dunn USMC
Victorville Fire, Victorville California, Captain Greg Coon
Oklahoma City Fire, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Chief Keith Bryant
Tulsa Oklahoma Fire, Tulsa Oklahoma, Chief Allen Lacroix
Springfield Fire Department, Springfield Missouri, Assistant Fire Chief Steve Horning
State of New York Court Officers, New York City, Officer David Gregson
NYPD (Safe) Patrolmen's Benevolent Association, New York City, Officer Mike Morgillo
(Six, all ranks) New York City Police Department, New York City, Inspector Capul
Port Authority Police K9 Sirius, PO Sergeant David Lim
New York City Emergency Medical Service, Paramedic Bonnie Giebfried
Fire Department City of New York, Bobby Allen FF Ret FDNY
Hillcrest Fire Department, Hillcrest NY, Chief Kim Weepler
Oceanside NY Fire Fighter Bonnie Giebfried
Milwaukee Fire Department, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Chief William Wentandt
Saint Louis Fire Department, Saint Louis, Chief Sherman George / Captain Steve Spencer
Bureau of Land Management, Bakersfield California, Engine Operator Christopher Fry
Kings County Fire, Hanford California, Chief Jim Kilner
Washington D.C. Police Department, Washington D.C. Officer A. Benjamin Mannes
Palo Cedro Fire, Palo Cedro California, Fire Fighter Frank DeNatale
Hillsboro Fire Department, Hillsboro Oregon, Fire Fighter Abraham Madrigal
Big Bear City Fire Department, Big Bear City California, Chief Dana Van Leuven
Stanislaus Consolidated Fire, Stanislaus, County, Fire Investigator Mark E. Jacobs
Fire Alarm Dispatchers Benevolent Assoc, President David J. Rosenzweig
Uniformed Firefighters Association Delegate FDNY, FDNY Former UFA Treasurer Ret Fireman Joseph
Alpine Fire Department, Alpine California, Chief Darrel Jobes
Washington DC Fire / EMS Fire Fighter Tim Campbell
River Grove Fire Department, River Grove, Ill, Fire Fighter David M. Hamm
River Grove Fire Department, River Grove, Ill, Fire Fighter David M. Hamm
San Francisco Fire Department, San Francisco California, Fire Fighter Stuart Sprung
Barona Fire Department, Barona Indian Reservation, California, Fire Fighter Harris Toya
NASSCO Fire Department, General Dynamics San Diego, Lieutenant Paramedic Paul Curtis
Life Ambulance Inc
St. John Ambulance Association, Castlemaine Victoria, Australia, Cadet Brad Easdale
Farmland Indiana Fire Department, Farmland Indiana
Mercersburg Ambulance Badge, Pensylvania
Greek PORT Police
Shelter Valley Fire Department, Shelter Valley California, Fire Fighter Christina Lopez
Dispatcher Badge, San Diego City Catherine McGee
Mercy Ambulance Rescue, San Diego, California, Emergency Medical Technician Joe Pinner
Norco Fire Department, Norco California, Chief Jack Fry
El Paso Fire Department, Deputy Chief Matt Widtfeldt
Butler County Sheriffs, Butler County, Ohio, Police Officer Nick Blumkim
United Nations Police Officer, Kosovo, Police Officer Nick Blumkim
Shelby County Sheriffs, Shelby County Tennissee, Police Officer Nick Blumkim
Paramedic Memphis Fire Department, Retired, Memphis Tennessee, Fire Fighter Paramedic Mark Scot
EMS Fallen Badge
Harley Davidson Fire Fighter, Captain Mike Merriken San Diego Fire Rescue
Harley Davidson Police Officer
East Quogue, Long Island NY
Flanders Fire Department, Long Island NY
East Port Fire Department, Long Island NY, Chief
West Hampton Beach Fire Department, Long Island NY
Shelter Island Fire Department, Long Island NY
German Police, Holger Preusser
Detroit Fire Department, Detroit Michigan, Captain Joe Rinehart
Harrisburg Fire Department, Harrisburg Pennsylvania, Deputy Chief Daniel Soulier
Youngstown Fire Department, Youngstown Ohio, Chief John Oneill Jr.
Elkhart Fire Department, Elkhart Indiana, Assistant Chief Shaun Edgerton
Gary Fire Department, Gary Indiana, Fire Engineer Ray Allen
Lima Fire Department, Lima Peru, Fire Commander Willy Valles
Monte Cristi Fire Department, Monte Cristi Ecuador, Fire Chief Miguel Delgado
Paris Fire Department, Paris France, Fire Fighter Sebastien Morizot
Sophia-Antipolis Fire Department, Sophia-Antipolis France, Major Bernard Lions
Chicago Fire Department, Chicago Illinois, Commander Carmelita Wiley-Earls
South San Francisco Fire, South San Francisco, California, Deputy Chief' Dick Dennin
Centre City Ambulance, Gloucester County,New Jersey, Gary Campbell
United States Capitol Police
United States Park Police
(current as of December 7, 2007)

Metropolitan Public Safety, San Diego California, Lieutenant Clay
Oakland Fire, Oakland California, Lieutenant Jay Camela
State of California Department of Motor Vehicles, Deputy Chief Doug Brenn
Carlsbad Police Department, Carlsbad California, Corporal David Douglas


“In Harms Way ” Department Contribution
We need help to cover logistics cost of the WORLD MEMORIAL North American tour.
As a token of our appreciation, amounts $500 and over receive a WORLD MEMORIAL department plaque - featuring the WM Coin in a rotating display case.

Contact: Mitch Mendler, 619-944-7011

WM Leased Semi-Truck

Donate your Vehicle

Donate your running vehicle and receive a Federal Charity tax receipt.

Contact: Mitch Mendler, 619-944-7011

Volunteer Your Time & Services

Fire House WORLD invites WORLD MEMORIAL to San Diego FIRE EXPO, 2-4 Feb 2005

San Diego Freeman Union
San Diego IAFF Local #145 , South Pasadena IAFF Local
Vancouver Fire Fighters Union, IAFF #18

LA Convention Center and George Fern Company Union members, work alongside LA Fire Department and
Trucking to build the ROS 9-11 Memorial dedicated to Fire fighters.
Los Angeles Fire Department Engine 209: Captain Bertram Jobsz, Engineer Craig Wobig, Fire Fighter Robert D'Amico, Fire Fighter Jeff Hiatt
Los Angeles Fire Fighter Explorers Post 100:
LAFD Christine Shaffer, LAFD Andrew Fonseca, LAFD Keston Abe, LAFD Manolo Danny Gomez
Los Angeles Convention Center: Fire Inspector Mike Riley
South Pasadena, Fire Fighter Paramedic, Brett Hill
George E. Fern Company Union Members: Erica Wells, Tony Smith, Mark Maikoski, Tom Cavaretia, Jeff Stocki, Ray Wright, Steve Jones, Mario Huerta, Jim Murphy, Wayne Brown, Tristan Lopez, Joel Sanders, Richard McCormick, Michael Mallers, Shaun Haro, Jeromy Haro, Omar Roa, Chris Butler and Jim Wahler.


Become a Project Manager
Fire House WORLD invites WORLD MEMORIAL to San Diego FIRE EXPO, 2-4 Feb 2005
PM Brett Hill (on left) with US Congressman Adam B. Schiff
US Flag flown over the U.S. Capitol presented to South Pasadena Firefighter-Paramedic Brett Hill, Sept 3, 2004
in recognition of service to his community, country and WORLD MEMORIAL North America Tour.

Honor 9/11 Heroes and raise funds for First Responder charities. The PM is the key leader to organize and produce a dynamite exhibit and/or concert. The Project Manager (PM) also manages local charities and city departments to sell, collect and keep half (50%) of NET commemorative sales, event cash donations, and all ticket proceeds after paying “at cost” concert production and merchandise expenses. All “pooled” TEAM-UP funds are dispersed to individual organizations based on ticket sales percentage. The Project Manager is responsible to set/pay production expenses, local fees, keep records, nominate charities to WM selection committee, distribute funds and produce an open ledger of all monies. In addition, TEAM UP local charities can sell other appropriate items as approved by the Project Manager.WM Officers and volunteers do NOT receive a salary. With national donations, we have purchased a 40-foot Semi trailer, Ambulance, sea-going steel container, World Memorial Command RV and all associate equipment. Corporate documents, IRS FM 990, itemized estimates, and references are available.

Project Manager Invitation and PM Guidelines (PDF)
Click here for TEAM-UP Power Point and current Tour
Call 619-944-7011 or E-mail WM President


Father Judge written and sung by ROS performer FIONA BLACKBURNVancouver Fire Fighters Local 18Father Judge sung by Mark Donnelly, Mr.O' Canada.
"Father Judge" by Composer Miles Black, Lyrics Fiona Blackburn and Katon