- 2001 Never Forget Foundation Established -


Middle East,
and points in between

September 14, 2001
The WORLD MEMORIAL concept was incubated by volunteers; serving at the Allied Pilots Association (Union) Crisis Center.  Mr. Warren Clymer, Art Director of The Godfather, designing the WORLD MEMORIAL theme.

September 30, 2001
By the end of September, the organization had debuted on the World Wide Web. Consolations, 9/11 images, and memorial ideas (incorporating surviving WTC iron, museum, education center and park) poured in from around the globe.  
WM Founder (AF Reservist and B-767 Pilot) was activated for ENDURING FREEDOM, just three weeks after 9/11. Over the next 12 months, he commanded a C-5 crew for delivery of troops and supplies directly to the AOR. For more bullets, visit the PRESS ROOM.


- 2002 -

US Flag
Ground Zero

September 11, 2002

WORLD MEMORIAL team is invited to attended Memorial services at Ground Zero, the Pentagon, USS Aircraft Carrier Intrepid and Washington Square, NYC. 
December 18, 2002
Hundreds of organizations, submissions and requests came from around the globe.
Based on wishes received from the WM International Forum - A team was forged to design a Ground Zero Memorial.
Subsequently, two hundred professionals, from architects to zoologist, from all corners of the world, joined this worthy cause.
See Survivors Corner


- 2003 -

Maple Ridge

September 11, 2003
Release of Souls Debut. See ROS
A Canadian artist group built an 18' tall "Release of Souls" Memorial as a gift to America.
News Article, Maple Ridge, August 18, 2004



November 7, 2003

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Port Authority Endorsement
News Article, Maple Ridge, B.C.