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February 4-8, 2008
San Diego, CA

WORLD MEMORIAL Fire Expo, San Diego, 2008
The 9/11 Patch Wall, WTC Steel and Missing Person Flyers were on exhibit in the lobby in front of the Business Center entrance. Fire Expo was in the Pala Events Area similar to Chicago Pheasant’s Run.
Fire Expo, FDIC 2008 Events and Pala Resort

St. Patrick's Day March 15, 2008

WORLD MEMORIAL Honor Roll @ St.Paddy's Day

Irish Congress of Southern California
Saint Patrick’s Day Parade and Photos
Mission Bay Park
May 24, 2008
Memorial Holiday

Mission Bay Park (East Mission Bay Drive @ Claremont Drive, South of the Visitor Center)
San Diego, California

WORLD MEMORIAL, Mission Bay, CAState of CA Fire Dept Olympics 2007State of CA Fire Dept Olympics 2007WORLD MEMORIAL, Mission Bay, CA

FALLEN HEROES: To honor all of the heroes from United States of America conflicts including 9/11. We will display Armed Forces Flags, a 280 pound piece of the World Trade Center and all of the flags from countries (106 Country Flags) that lost civilians on 9/11/01. WORLD MEMORIAL will also have 9/11 Memorial Flags and "Last seen at WTC" Missing Person Flyers."
Journey for 9/11

June 21, 2008
Sea Port Village, Embarcadero Park North, San Diego
USS Midway Aircraft Carrier

WORLD MEMORIAL coordinated the arrival of George into San Diego County and assisted with the logistics and planning of the end of the cross country trek in San Diego City

Super Bowl XXI NY Giant Champion George Martin concluded his 3,003 mile trek across USA. The purpose was to raise awareness about the plight of thousands of GZ Rescue and Recovery workers (from all 50 states) who now face serious medical conditions as a direct result of their service in the aftermath of September 11th attacks.

George asked that WM ride directly behind him in the (Fire Etc) Memorial Ambulance on his last 4.5 mile; leading 10 fire engines, one SD ambulance, SD Battalion Fire Chief and three SD Police Motorcars. We paraded through the heart of the city, down 4th avenue through downtown, and the Gas Lamp district. It was presidential. Two police "Mounties" escorted us into the Sea Port Village park. 5,000 motorist were stopped by the coordinated efforts of El Cajon CHP office and the Police Chief of La Mesa. Following the ceremony, Mr. Martin took the entire cast & crew to lunch at FudRuckers, including La Mesa Fire, PD, and Americare Ambulance. WM were also invited to two private parties on the USS Midway.

Event was covered on AP Wire, ESPN, CNN, New York Post, FOX News, NFL Documentary and all local channels. WORLD MEMORIAL President Mitch Mendler was honored at both ceremonies by George Martin and the San Diego's Mayors Office. Sponsors include Emerald Society, Irish Congress of Southern California, Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick, Enforcers Public Safety Football Team, SPAWAR, MCRD, and Pioneer Hook & Ladder Firehouse Museum, (Fire Etc) Memorial Ambulance, Irrupted and the USS-Midway Museum.
Fire Guard: Mitch Mendler, BagPiper Chief Jeef Hann, and Vinny Forras.

George Martin's Journey for 9/11

ABC World News Tonight
(Length: 02:44)
CNN Sunday Morning (Length: 01:33)
FOX & Friends (Length: 04:52)
Second Responders
Photos: Richard Kligman & Rich Soergel
WM Flyer

4th July July 4th, 2008
Independence Day
Lake Murray – Del Cero, CA

WORLD MEMORIAL, Lake Murray Fire Dept
WM worked with the San Diego Council District Office and the Honorary Mayor of San Carlos to put on a super exhibit. Over 10,000 people in attended. This event hosted a boys choir and 5 bands. One of the bands just returned from entertaining the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. The $40,000 ($40/tickets) cost was donated by corporate sponsors.
Flight Crew Memorial

9/11 Flight Crew Memorial
4th July Dedication of million-dollar 9/11 Flight Crew Memorial
Grapevine, Texas

EMS Expo July 28, 2008 @ 10AM

USS Midway
July 28, 2008 @ 12PM (Noon)
USS Midway Aircraft Carrier
Sheraton Harbor Island, San Diego
Park south at Tuna Harbor (free as long as we are near the cars)
Post meeting lunch at Anthony’s Fish Grotto. (metered parking is along Harbor Drive)

The EMS Expo which is the biggest event in the year for the ambulance industry.
If they are movers and or shakers in the paramedic industry, they will be here.
WORLD MEMORIAL will have an exhibit booth, front & center.
9/11 Anniversary

September 11, 2008
Seven Events for the 7th Anniversary
Multiple WORLD MEMORIAL events on west and east coast.
All day, memorial festival in San Diego and Battery Park, Manhattan.
Contact Mitch Mendler 619-944-7011

WM Honor Roll Semi-truck
"American Grace" by Fire Art / Allan Albaitis, on display in front of WTC Sphere.
WM Honor Roll Semi-truck
Passing through the Brooklyn Tunnel, en route to Battery Park, NY
WM Honor Roll Semi-truck

In San Diego, WM is involved in the 5:30AM Navy Memorial (32nd Street)
We are working on flying in Joe Torrillo FDNY (Ret.) from Lake Havasu and back so he can do the Operation Homefront Ceremony at 18:00.

San Diego City – Civic Center – San Diego Concourse #3, 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
FDNY Retired Fire Fighters Ceremony: U.S.S. Midway Museum 2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Operation Homefront – Freedom Walk: Veterans Memorial Park Blvd and Presidents Way. 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Contact: Jae Marciano ph 858-695-6810 • Unite In Peace – Candle Light Vigil: Veterans Memorial Park Blvd and Presidents Way. 8:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Contact: Michele Little ph 760-944-7540. The US Navy will supply the Color Guard.
Congresswoman Susan Davis will present a PROCLAMTION.

San Diego park, located just south of the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier (where FDNY Retirees will present their memorial ceremony). Fire Up Freedom ladder truck, the Homeland Security Ambulance, and numerous sponsors have been invited.

San Diego City Hall Civic Center Parking at Horton Plaza (free for 3 hours with validation)
The SD Trolley will drop you off in front of the Mayors House on C st. & 2nd.

Video: FDNY Retired Lieutenant Joe Torrillo
News Article: San Diego Union-Tribune (PDF)
Moving map: San Diego Site

HomeLand Security AmbulanceFreedom Truck

Operation Homefront
Operation Homefront

WORLD MEMORIAL coordinated the arrival of George into San Diego County and assisted with the logistics and planning of the end of the cross country trek in San Diego City

SD-GeorgeMartin,HonorGuard.jpg SD-GeorgeMartin,LadderTruck

San Diego,

September 12, 2008
Rancho San Diego

San Miguel Fire
San Miguel FireSan Miguel Fire
San Miguel Fire Protection District Safety Fair

New York

September 28th, 2008
Tunnel to Towers Run

Flags of HonorWM Semitruck

WORLD MEMORIAL Semi “One Day Changed Our World" will be on exhibit for the assist The Stephen Siller (FDNY) ‘Let Us Do Good’ Children’s Foundation’s for the Tunneltotowersrun.org Run/Walk, in association with NYC 9/11 Memorial Field.
wcbstv.com/seenon, wcbstv.com/topstories, www.silive.com/news
www.truveo.com, Flyer

Pacific Coast Hwy

Friday, Oct 17th

WM exhibited 1,100 Colonial Flags to support the people that lost homes during the Witch Fire, one year ago.

United in PeaceUnited in PeaceUnited in Peace, photography by Richard Kligman
United in PeaceUnited in Peace

Saturday, Oct 18th
San Diego County Administration, 1600 Pacific Highway, 10:00am – 6:00pm
Unite In Peace presents "Walk–N- Ride Fest for 9/11 Heroes." Highlights of the Program include a motorcycle run and a fundraiser walk along the waterfront led by retired Harbor Police Sergeant and bagpiper Robbie McKnight. San Diego Fire Chief Tracy Jarman will be the keynote speaker in conjunction with October’s Fire Awareness month. The Art Miles Mural Project and its 9/11 Memorial mural as well as local artist, Irina Negulescu’s rendition of September 11th, 2001 will be on display. WORLD MEMORIAL has been invited to exhibit the Command Center & 108 International flags - as a hallmark for aid and attention to first and second responders who became ill following 9/11 rescue and recovery duties.

Jems Article (pdf)