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Shadowed by tragic events of 9/11, Flight Crews across the country performed gallantly in face of terrorist and initial aggression.  Their commitment and courage during the opening hours of 9/11 exemplified an epitome of expertise and professionalism never before tested in the history of aviation.  As one example of their bravery, three crew members aboard doomed Flight 11 were able to put aside fear and alert the world of the pending “Attack on America.”   Flight Attendants Madeline Sweeny and Betty Ong secretly telephoned company supervisors and Captain John Ogonowski opened his cockpit microphone, allowing air traffic controllers to relay valuable information to the National Security Command. 

In the days and months following, our flight crews were again tested, working under the pressure of getting a nation back in the skies.  Thousands of planes, crews and passengers were scattered across the globe, left scared from that tragic morning.  Fears of the unknown lingered and everyone shared the pain of loosing friends and colleagues. 

Today, our crews continue to fly the American skies, crisscrossing all over the world; serving their passengers, company and country; continually thinking about the threat and thirty-three comrades who were murdered on 9-11. 

Now is the time to honor our professionals who crewed American Airlines flights 11 & 77 and United Airlines Flights 93 & 175.  The First National Flight Crew Memorial will be placed in Grapevine, Texas, just north of Dallas Fort Worth International Airport and American Airlines Corporate Headquarters. The community leaders have pledged a radiant setting in their Heritage district on the corner of Main Street and Wall Street. In company of several award winning historic sculptures, the Flight Crew Memorial is fortunate to receive the enthusiasm and support of this close-knit aviation community.  It is our hope that American Memorial Foundation will generate funds to build crew memorials at Chicago O’Hare (International Headquarters of United Airlines), New York Kennedy Airport, Washington Dulles, Boston Logan and Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

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