I found out that Your Country (USA) is announcing a competition to build a memorial at the site of destroyed 11th September building, and would like to submit my draft to construct such a memorial.  I do not have the means to execute such a memorial, so perhaps some other company may find interest in my version of the memorial. But I may participate in the role of a consultant, as many questions may come up.

In my opinion, the memorial should appear as a symbol of the technical and economical progress of the USA and stand as one of the marvels of the present time. 

Short description of the Memorial:
The exterior will be like a pyramid, but differs from the pyramid in the positive and negative angles using a special construction.

The basis for the building is an originally constructed form that combines four equally raznesennoh  (different) squares. The squares are absorbed in the corners of the large square with the distance in between them in the external perimeter corresponding with the different sides of the square.  These sides of the square that face the center of the foundation, connect in between them a cross on the level of a half a side of the square.  The level of the connection may be made larger or smaller, but it would disturb the symmetry of the complex and would loose the architectural idea.  In this way the form unites squares that are like a cross (drawing #1) and will symbolize the overall grief and memory of the fallen. 

The foundation hight proportion is (1:3,14), where I is foundation, 3,14 height. This way, if the foundation is 200 meters, the height will be 628 meters. Different rations are possible, (from 2 to 5), but the best is 3,14.  The geometrical version is drawing #2.  However, the building will end in the height of not 628, but 600 meters, the remaining 28 meters will be the statue of freedom, symbolizing that in the USA, the status of freedom is the strategy of the state (society?).  This way, the freedom for the living and memory for the fallen will remain the priority. 

Because in this letter, it is impossible to explain all details of the construction, they can be explained in collaboration.

Vladimir Polyakov
123458 Moscow
Ul.Tvardovskovo, 19-2-291
Dubrovinoi L.P.
January 2003


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