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Release Of Souls 9/11 Memorial
"One Color for a Day" from the Release of Souls Music CD.
Dedicated to New Yorkers, it is about the "Ash People" covered in the sacred dust of others. For one day on Earth, it didn't matter what your skin color was; what your race, religion or creed. It simply mattered that you still breathed. Just for one day, everyone was the same and everyone helped each other.

Music by Miles Black. Lyrics by Glenda Rae, Kathleen(Katon)Tonnesen and Brus Messinger 2003C Milenda Music - SOCAN (2004 C Miles Black & Tony Chamberlist) All Rights Reserved.
World Memorial
Release of Souls 9/11 Memorial Art Exhibit

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Two ROS paintings are symbolic of the Twin Towers that vaporized to nothing. Close your eyes and visualize the release of three thousand souls, all at once breaking free, filling the sky with a brilliance of color and resolution
The Memorial structure represents the Survival Wall as testament to all heroes of that infamous morning. Their drive was not the task at hand but rather the drive in their hearts. Two Empty metal frames are indicative of a place where you expect to see your loved one in daily living, but no matter how hard you look the space remains empty. The Pentagon foundation represents the tragic events in Washington and Pennsylvania. The Memorial promotes peace in all corners of the earth; honoring the many walks of life and cultures represented by the World Trade Center.
Public Safety Honor Roll: The fallen public safety personnel who made the ultimate sacrifice at the WTC
Release of Souls Concert Music: September 11, 2001 was the catalyst for recognizing the extreme importance of the remarkable men and women who serve in emergency response units everywhere, who bravely and unselfishly put their own lives in harms way to protect us all. The Release of Souls Art Exhibit and non-profit Concert allows us to thank them for their unfailing dedication and courage - Katon
Armed Service Roll Call: 125 names of Pentagon personnel lost 11 September.
Court Officer Roll Call: Officers who were fallen at the WTC
Airline Crew Honor Roll: The flight crew personnel lost
The Civilian Honor Roll: Two monolithic walls with all of the names of the innocent who were fallen on 9/11/01
K-9 Memorial: Sirius and Bear memorial plaques
Missing, Last Seen at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001: Original missing person flyers posted in Manhattan after the attack.
Headlines of History: Newspaper front pages from around the world on 9/12/01
Painting: Warren Clymer, World Memorial Icon
Charcoal PAINTING - Reflections, By Vancouver Fire Fighter Jim Nedelak Charcoal PAINTING - Captain Patrick J. Brown, By Vancouver Fire Fighter Jim Nedelak
Painting: Inspiration
Painting: Captain Paddy, FDNY Rescue 1
9/11 - Sculpture By Texas Sculptor, Kelly Borsheim
Sculpture "The Joy of Selflessness" HOPE Sculpture "The Joy of Selflessness" - WORLD MEMORIAL Museum Centerpiece by Detroit Sculptor, Robert Landry
Newspapers "front pages" from around the world dated 9/12/01. And: "SECTION A" from many Newspapers and magazines on 9/12/01
WTC booklet found in the rubble by an EMT working at Ground Zero
FDNY Fire Helmet: Donated by The FDNY Retired Fire Fighters of California. This helmet belonged to an FDNY Fire Fighter who was fallen in the 90's by Lung Disease which will be the case of many first responders at Ground Zero.
Memorial Department Badges: Department badges given to the Release of Souls Memorial by public safety departments from around world.
Historic ROS Journey Timeline - Department Badges attached to the memorial Pentagon base.
This unique Badge exhibit highlights the thousands of men, women and units that daily provide, Public Service across the nation, Dedication and Life-saving Assistance - anytime and anywhere. A visual of support the badges become part of the memorial and the donating agencies has personalized this for the first responders and a lasting legacy for FDNY, PAPD, NYPD and NYEMS, 11 September 2006

Memorial Patch Wall: Historic Patch Journey Wall - Public Service "In Harms Way" Fire Fighters, Police Officers, Port Authority, Paramedics, EMT'S, Reservists, Guardsmen, Active Duty Armed Forces personnel, Flight Crews and other uniformed servicemen and women are recognized for their support for 9/11/01 for New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. By attaching their Patch to the Journey Wall this statement is made, "You are not alone, We Remember!" UNITED WE STAND. The wall will be permanently installed with the Sculpture in New York
9/11 Poster Story Walls: Stories of heroism and courage on 9/11
9/11 Bead Quilt - A September 11th project: 3ft X 24ft Handmade Beaded Quilt sections from around the world . This quilt is made with over 1 and a half million beads and each 3 inch square took as long as 12 hours to make. There are 562 squares made by people from 9 countries around.
World Flags - representing 82 countries that lost citizens on 9/11/01
Amazing Grace, 6 ft mural Fire Art by Las Vegas ire Fighter Allan Albaitis
"Baton of Brotherhood" - Maltese Cross cut from a section of WTC Tower One steel, crafted into a Maltese Cross and engraved with the Signal 5-5-5-5 which is passed from Brother to Brother on the ROS journey, returning to FDNY 11 September, 2006
Avenue of Souls: 343 Fire Fighter boots and safety shoes worn and donated by public safety personnel from North America. A visual reminder of the loss of our fallen brothers and sisters. Real people, real families, torn apart by terrorism.
\ EMT boots worn at Ground ZERO - Worn by an EMT who lost his friends while treating the injured. We include these to symbolize the many EMT's who often, even today, get overlooked for their courage and dedication to their important work.
\ FDNY Turnout Jacket: Given to the Release of Souls Memorial by The FDNY Retired Fire Fighters of California. Used at the World Trade Center in 1993 at the first WTC Attack.
San Diego Fire Department Turn Out Jacket and Bunker Pants with BOOTS worn at Ground Zero during the rescue and recovery operation
 Miscellaneous WTC artifacts