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Important Public Service Message:

"Brittany Leigh"
A $5.00 Drivers Record background check
would have saved this girl's life!

Brittany, age ten months. She was killed when she was two years old by a "negligent person" driving a U-Haul Rental Truck.
Injuries are not accidents!
Injury prevention is accident prevention.

March 12, 2000

The family of Brittany is asking for your help in spreading the word about the law that they are attempting to pass...

Join us in our efforts to save lives. The number of little children killed each year by unlicensed or recless drivers are too many.

The new law will require all rental companies to check the driving record background of the potential renter. This will verify that the driver is legally able to drive "the vehicle" and has the "appropriate license" and has no "outstanding convictions" that will warrant a liability. It will also force the rental company to insure that the driver will be able to operate the rental vehicle by providing a basic "check out" of the vehicle operation.

This is too easy.......... There are no states in the US that are currently checking D.M.V. records prior to renting a car or truck.

When I was at Home Depot the other day I asked what the policy was on their TRUCK RENTALS. I was informed that all I needed was a Drivers License, a Credit Card with $60.00 available and Proof of Insurance. When I asked about a "RECORD CHECK," he said that they did not do a check. I asked him if he would be able to confirm a VALID license such as one that was non revoked or suspended or a driver with a bad record. He said that he could not!!!

The Day Brittany died, U-haul did not check the renters license other than for expiration, valid proof of insurance, driving history, or the capability to drive the rented truck.

The driver, Juan A. Quinnonos, was charged with:

One year later at the hearing he proclaimed to only have been going 5 miles an hour ... The police techs charged him with doing 40 in a 30 M.P.H. zone. The Hearing Examiner revoked his license permanently in New York State.
That is it... No fine or Jail time at all...

A wrongful death suit was brought against Mr. Quinnonos and U-Haul. He has NEVER shown up for any depositions.

This is what his previous driving record showed before he and U-Haul killed Brittany:

Would you let him borrow your car???

He also had a history of Drug / alcohol abuse. The day he killed Brittany, 4/9/96, the police officers said he was very upset at the scene, yet no one checked him for toxins. Though, they assured Brittany's mother, that because it was 10:55 am he was not impaired.

Wow................. I don't think that is protocol here in California. Maybe people on The East Coast do not drink or do drugs until after 12 noon???

We can save a life.
Upon U-Haul or any agency renting one of thier vehicle's it should be mandatory for the renters license to be thoroughly checked through a computer with access to DMV reports. The cost through some insurance companies in New York State for this is $5.00 per license check. Easily this cost could be passed to the renter if the company feels is it not worth public safety.

AND, it should be MANDATORY that the person renting the vehicle is capable and competent of "driving the vehicle" in which they are rented.

The lives of so many of our children are endangered by many persons and issues, one of which, are companies that will rent any vehicle to a person without checking that persons driving record and history. Without knowing if that person is truly capable of driving the vehicle of which they were rented. One could, if they wanted to, show a license that has been suspended, that they still have possesion of and still rent a large truck or car from a rental company.

In hopes that lives can be saved, and a family will never become another one of their victims...

That Brittany was not killed in vain.

On April 9, 1996, while I was driving, a large u-haul truck cut off the vehicle giving us right of way and broadsided our minivan. We later learned that the driving record, license, and history was never checked on the driver. His license was visually checked for expiration only.

Jackie Chen

~The person saved could be your loved one~

Federal regulation will only asks that the license is visually checked. The driver of the U-Haul Truck that killed Brittany had a poor driving record...

Images of the Van and The U-Haul Truck

Truly the worst loss in my life is the death of my daughter, Brittany Leigh. As a mother I believed that I was in control, control of the ability to protect my children from all harm. This control, that never was, became my worst nightmare when my daughter Brittany Leigh was killed. When I could not stop, nor see, a out of control U-HAUL truck and driver. Nor control the U-HAUL rental company from renting this vehicle to a person without checking his license, who truly had NO RIGHT to drive a large truck, or any vehicle, neligently. The driver broadsided our minivan after cutting off the vehicle giving us the right of way. Brittany seated behind me, in her car seat, sustained the worst possible injuries: Head, Brain, and Facial. Not wanting to wait for emergency vehicles to arrive, I received a ride from a motorist to ER, as I performed CPR on my dying daughter. Brittany was placed on life support and survived for twelve hours, clinging to the life she had every right to live. Like a butterfly tired of the cacoon, she freely flew. From a now fatally injured body and a human heart so tired of beating, my daughter with grace, beauty and love so bravely died from the injuries inflicted upon her.

Jackie Chen
"When someone you love becomes a memory,
that memory becomes a treasure!"

Many have ignored this issue or have even opposed efforts to require the responsibility.

How many more innocent children have to die to get this message accross!!!

This is where you can help... Start a grass roots effort in your state to get a similar bill passed.

The Chen's have compiled a large amount of information we will provide for free to safety activists and families working for similar laws.

Please help us...

Thank you in advance,

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For more info, plz go here!!!
Within The Hearts & Souls Of Children

Jackie Chen
1810 Norton St. Rochester, NY. 14609
Telephone: 716-323-1172
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