9-11 Memorial Coins

"Never Forget"

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Lest we forget, in our memories, they will never be forgoten!
Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.
25% of all coin sales go to responsible charities!
More information here!

Each coin represents a responsible charity with 25% of the total sale going to that fund. The Colorized 2 inch diameter COINS are made of high quality metals with a SOLID Brass core and plated with a Silver Alloy metal. The coins are DIE STRUCK, not die cast, and minted with HAND tooled DIES and then hand painted with a BAKED on Enamel. Then they are coated with a CLEAR Epoxy coat to preserve the coins forever against the element as well as human skin oils. The measurements are 2 inches in diameter, 1/8 inch in thickness over 4 oz in weight. All of the coins are shipped in a BLUE Velvet box for not only safety but for display. There are display cases available made from exotic hard woods. And, a LIMITED Edition 24K Gold Plated Coin is now available. Please support this enterprise so that "No one is ever truly gone - as long as someone remembers them."

Thank you for your interest in the coins. Mitch Mendler E.M.T. Paramedic Firefighter

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9-11 Memorial Coins 9-11 Memorial Coins 9-11 Memorial Coins 9-11 Memorial Coins 9-11 Memorial Coins 9-11 Memorial Coins 9-11 Memorial Coins