9-11 Memorial Coins

"Never Forget"

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The COINS are made of high quality metals with a SOLID Brass core and plated with a Silver Alloy metal.
The coins are DIE STRUCK not die cast and minted with HAND tooled DIES.

They are then hand painted with a BAKED on Enamel and coated with a CLEAR Epoxy coat to preserve the coins forever against the elements as well as human skin oils.
They are shipped in a BLUE Velvet box for not only safety but for display.

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They made the Supreme Sacrifice,
some in the Line Of Duty, others innocently!

Pentagon / Armed Forces 911 Memorial Coin

Pentagon / Armed Forces 19.99
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Freedom Alliance

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The coins are shipped with "MANDATORY INSURANCE" at the rates below:
(PLUS a $2.50 packing and handling fee)
Amount Postage / Insurance
1 - 2 Coins 5.15
3 Coins 6.05
4 - 5 Coins 7.95
6 Coins 8.95
7 - 8 Coins 11.75

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