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Created to bring you the finest Public Safety Art on the World Wide Web!

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The images in this medium are copyrighted and protected under international law. Use of these images without permission will constitute theft and piracy of created art and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

These image were created with Nikon equipment and a 24 mm lens using multiple frames and seamed together on a Macintosh OS. For information on how to obtain the software or to use the photograher or the images, please send E-mail to the artist.

Thank you...

Virtual Reality Images below...

You will need Apple Quick Time® version 3 or better to view the images. It is free. No garantees without Apple Quicktime 3 or 4. It will not work with Microsoft Internet Explorer or NetScape unless you have the PLUG-IN! If you need to dowload the newest version, click on the link below.

Once the image is loaded use the control pannel at the bottom to navigate though the images. The "LEFT MOUSE BUTTON" will move the image either "left or right." Depress the button and drag the mouse in either direction. It isn't "rocket science!"

Any ???, Plz ask............................ The Imagemaster!

Apple Quick Time 4

These are large files. It might take one minute to load.

Click on the title to open the veiwer.

Image #1
Crash & Rescue

Image #2
Hose Lays

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