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GEAR save lives around the world

Every day is a "9/11" event to firehouses and small communities across the globe…

...a family of four was killed in Quito, Ecuador
because the responding
firefighters didn't have a rescue axe nor breathing devices.


An associate of the WORLD MEMORIAL cause is the GEAR-UP program, founded by decorated Ground Zero Firefighter Vincent Forras. In addition to working the WTC tragedy, Mr. Forras and hundreds of fellow “brothers” have become ill due to the GZ toxins. Several friends have since perish in the four years following 9/11. Today, Vinny carries on the life saving mission in the name of his comrades, and all those taken from us September 11, by providing equipment and safety education to children and fire fighters around the world.


US and South American Fire FightersUS and South American Fire Fighters

His GEAR-UP team has put together an overall program to collect, recycle and distribute used fire-fighting equipment to developing countries, beginning with Ecuador . The other key feature is fire training and maintenance. In the United States , each city has hundreds of well-equipped fire stations to protect families in their trust. Equivalent cities in South and Central America have a fraction of that support network. To illustrate this shortfall: Guayaquil . Ecuador only has one working “jaws of life” rescue device for its four million citizens.


US and South American Fire Fighters

Collection of Equipment: The United States Fire-fighting industry saves lives and property by constant improvement of equipment and fire training, required at all levels due to government regulations. Thus, there is a natural surplus of equipment available for donation from manufacturers and “obsolete” storage.

Communities from around the world have requested trucks, ambulances, hoses, pumps, personal equipment and of course, US training. GEAR-UP wishes to send this useful “outdated” equipment to those firehouses in need. American Airlines, 1-800- Mattress and two maritime freighters have pledged to transport the equipment at cost. Life-saving experience will be passed on throughout the country by ensuring an instructor cadre is fully trained in rescue, fire fighting procedures and truck maintenance. Under the GEAR-UP master plan, an advanced fire fighting training academy and maintenance facility will be programmed in-theater, once funding is available. As part of Gear-up's “Adopt a Firehouse” program, hundreds of American Fire Fighters have already volunteered their services to instruct in these national Fire academies, on a ten day rotational basis. Finally, a landmark bonus is a children's future scholarship fund, in the unfortunate event of a debilitating injury/death on-duty of a certified GEAR-UP graduate.


US and South American Fire FightersUS and South American Fire Fighters

At present GEAR UP has donated several trucks and tons of equipment to Ecuador. Last September, WORLD MEMORIAL, Air Ambassador, New Freedom Partners and Gear Up have cooperated together to provide a donated modular ambulance to the impoverished town of La Mission, Baja, Mexico. And most recently those efforts have yielded a Class-A fire truck to the tsunami victims of Phuket, Thailand. We are currently waiting for airlift/sealift of the donated items.


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US and South American Fire FightersUS and South American Fire Fighters

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