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Click here to download the 2x3 foot WORLD MEMORIAL Survivor's Corner POSTER


Erect the WTC steel for the world to witness
Universal language - standing firm, resolve and evidence, for a thousand years
World's Largest Carillon
- 120 bells ascend the surviving monolith and give the victims a voice
Honor Roll - color-coded
names & ranks are etched in skyscraper glass near the Fountain of Life
Gold Sculpture - softens the starkness of the steel; sends a message of HOPE to future generations
Sacred Ashes - protected in a sanctuary below a water-covered skylight; WTC steel refracts high above
Crystal Tears
- paint a rainbow of color on the memorial mall, symbolizing three thousand innocent faces
Education Center & Children's Nursery - promoting tolerance and goodwill to future leaders - for all nations
VIP Retreat
- where 9/11 Family Members can whisper the name of their loved one…and that name will glow
Park - lined with tall trees, Koenig Sphere and International flags; each representing a nation that lost a citizen
Reminiscent to Pearl Harbor - the twisted, surviving WTC steel speaks the universal language of tragedy, resolve
and fight for freedom. It's a national treasure, international icon and the only architecture that survived Ground Zero



Carl E. Molinaro

Rebuild...in full American glory!

I can't wait to hear those magnificent bells ring out all over Manhattan and this great nation!
- WTC2011 designer Kenneth Gardner selected Liberty Bells to complement the new Twin Towers and place the golden HOPE sculpture in the adjacent Opera House lobby. WTC2011 New & improved Twin Towers, LMDC Entry (JPG)

Extraordinary! Wonderful attention to detail...

For example, from a peaceful safe-haven that overlooks the GZ Memorial Promenade,
a 9/11 family member could whisper the name of their loved one and that name would light up on the WTC honor roll.
Very Creative!
I wish LMDC presented this conceptual design to 9/11 Family meetings.
- Barbara Lang, Founder of Heroes-NoGreaterLove and author of "Brave & Finest"

Carl E. Molinaro

Liberty Bells has truly touched this mother's heart and I know my son Carl would love the memorial.
Maybe one day I'll get to whisper his name. From the bottom of my heart - I thank you.
What a magnificent memorial!  I wish New York would build something this beautiful. 
I will gladly pass this on to other 9/11 families.

- Joan Molinaro (Email), Mother of FDNY Firefighter Carl E. Molinaro, Ladder 2

Our nation has paid the price in every conceivable way. It’s time for inspiration and idealism to overcome institutional cynicism and disdain. The World Trade Center is the right place to start rebuilding our great nation and shoring up the American Dream. We believe that a memorial featuring the world's largest carillon with flags of the nations who lost citizens would be a far more fitting tribute to the fallen than the roar of giant waterfalls -- because it would inevitably draw our spirits up, not down – bringing us a greater sense of their presence, instead of reflecting on the overwhelming emptiness of their absence.
- TTA Founders, Margaret Donovan and Richard Hughes
- Twin Towers Alliance, - WTC2011, improved Twin Towers, Videos, Events (PDF) and Press (PDF)

WM President - Mitch Mendler

Liberty Bells is the ultimate tribute for my murdered NYC brothers.
In the early hours, the surviving steel offered families hope that loved ones might still be alive.
It stood protective ...inspiring our nation to stand united...and rebuild the WTC bigger, better, stronger!
Please rebuild this memorial, affectionately nicknamed "The Potato Chip" by GZ recovery workers.
The removal of the WTC skeleton left a void through the world and Public Safety community.

- WM President: Mitch Mendler, Firefighter-Paramedic, 619-944-7011, Endorsements, America Tour

WM [Liberty Bells] is the only memorial design that reflects the feelings and spirit of those initial days.  
We all thought that the WTC facade, cutting into the earth, would be saved as an international memorial, honoring the lives lost, global unity and marking time of an innocent era.

- Fire Chiefs & Civic Leaders Endorsements from around the Country

ROS Producer - Katon

Absolutely Fabulous!
The creativity and passion of
[Liberty Bells] Survivor's Corner is a tribute to us all.
I wish, one day, to walk across the Memorial Mall...with light rays beaming from 3,000 crystals;
painting a rainbow of hope. Color for one day...will be the healing of September 11.
- Kathleen Tonneson, Founder of Release of Souls

I would be honored to whisper my son's name - at this beautiful memorial.
My wife and I thank the entire WORLD MEMORIAL team for the huge efforts and innovation.
May the Lord be your guide and give you the strength and the perseverance to realize this project.
We have signed the WM Memorial Petition and I pray that it will
come true
- In memory of Waleed Iskadar, killed aboard Flight-11

New York City Recording Artist WENDY WALL performs THE PEACE BRIDGE as trubute to the WORLD MEMORIAL.  Click to find out about her latest CD  - THE SIMPLE TRUTH

The Simple Truth!

- Wendy Wall, Singer-Songwriter, Peace Bridge

PATH Train

Incredible! "Steel voices" says it all.
We must erect the surviving iron and stand up for freedom and the American dream!

- Johnny Finamore, 4th-generation ironworker of NY skyscrapers and WTC.
- After the GZ recovery, Johnny was later injured while constructing the new PATH station
- His crew dismantled the "Survivor's Corner" pillar from north footprint, 1PM, December 22, 2001

GZ Fire Fighter Vincent Forras

I would dearly love to see this Memorial built!
As represented in the 3,000 crystals, I can still see my friends peering out of those WTC windows.
This all about New York, standing firm against the terrorists and paying respects to my fallen comrades.

- GZ Fire Fighter Vincent Forras, Founder, Gear UP Foundation


"It's never too late to do the right thing!"
Rebuild Twin Towers
Surround WORLD MEMORIAL Liberty Bells with a skyline of Manhattan brilliance...


Survivor's Corner +World's Largest Carillon + Steel Voices = Liberty Bells
Annual tolling of 11ft base bell, special performances of the world-largest 7-octave instrument
Six rings every Tuesday morning (8:46, 9:03, 9:37, 9:58, 10:03 & 10:28)
Quarterly Westminster Chimes



Brus Messinger - Principle Designer (E-mail) /
David Jones - Architect / Shari Moon - Artist
Warren Clymer - Set Designer / Matt Jackson - Animator / Nathan Green - Metallurgy / LMDC submission #634964 (JPG)

VOTE for the official name: Liberty Bells, Memorial Tears, Survivor's Corner, Windows on the World, World Memorial, Crystal Tears, Steel Voices,
9/11 Memorial Wall of Whispers (9/11 Mother Joan Molinaro & Carrie Devorah) and affectionately nicknamed
"The Potato Chip" by GZ Fire Fighters

Inspired by over 7,000 e-mails from around the globe

International Flags

Click here to download the 2x3 foot WORLD MEMORIAL Survivor's Corner Tower WORLD MEMORIAL Aerial Shot Click here for the full SC Poster