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Coliseum, RomeEiffel Tower, ParisWORLD MEMORIALA-Dome, HiroshimaArizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor
Preserve ground zero for history and the world to see...
Create beauty out of the ashes
Create beauty and inspiration out of the ashes

Let's unite to clean and reconstruct the surviving WTC steel,
   into an above-ground memorial where the world can kneel and remember.
Surround and contrast this international treasure with a skyline of modern brilliance.
Dedicate the lives, dreams and resolution of September Eleven.
It is our duty and vision for future generations.
into the next millennium

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Steel Voices Calling
In beautiful array, let's reassemble a portion of the surviving Twin Tower iron skeleton.
This powerful image, known around the world, speaks of history, devastation, strength and resolution

Save the Surviving WTC Wall
The WTC skeleton image, burned into the minds of five-billion people, transcended all cultures.
The World, and even most Americans, cannot comprehend the overwhelming WTC size and devastation.

Surviving physical evidence tells the story, in every language.
Leaning tower of Pisa, broken nose of Egypt's Sphinx, and Pearl Harbor Arizona Memorial.
Imagine Paris today, if citizens a century ago had not fought to save the Eiffel tower from destruction.
Touch the twisted "Ground Zero" Hiroshima Dome, Japan.

Mankind is always in haste for a quick makeover; easy to discard history.
Witness war atrocities, previous terrorist attacks, and the 1993 WTC bombing.

Destruction of world history, leaves an emptiness for our surviving family members;
and more importantly, nations and future generations will always question
...especially, in this...age of denial.

Broadway Singer/Writer/Actress Patricia Welch endorses the WORLD MEMORIAL; performing her song - United We Stand; lyrics by Pete DuBarryClick here to see 9/11 Memorial Tears
WM team engineered the "Survivor's Corner" proposal out of 7,000 E-mails from around the world
Design includes a 9/11 Museum, Education Center, Children's Nursery, Family Sanctuary and WTC Memorial




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