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The mission of the WORLD MEMORIAL is to develop a “Wings of Peace” educational program promoting tolerance among children from all nations, tour the 9/11 artifacts across America; and finally, designing a lasting monument to preserve for all generations that moment in time - September 11, 2001.

International Crisis
Greatest number of nations affected by a single, man-made tragedy
Within an hour, three-thousand citizens from 82 countries were murdered
Fear around the globe; civilization under peril
Destabilized world economy; markets down 13 trillion dollars
Worldwide transportation crisis and border lock-downs
International corporate leadership, expertise and vision vanished in 101 minutes
Business and families around the world saw their stock and retirement savings plummet
Two hundred million jobs lost worldwide

There exist some evils so terrible and some misfortunes so horrible that we dare not think of them
... but if they happen to fall on us, we find ourselves stronger than we imagined,
we grapple with our ill luck, and behave better than we expected we should.

Jean de La Bruyere, 17th Century French essayist and moralist, "Characters on the Manners of the Age"


"Why Save the WTC Steel?"
2004 Presentation to FDNY Retires

Nearly three years ago, a group of criminals tried to wreck one of mankind's greatest societies by crashing four planes into icons of freedom, military leadership, free enterprise and most importantly, democracy.   Within 93 minutes, the two tallest buildings in our nation - fell; killing almost 3,000 innocent people.  Among them were your fellow brothers and sister who paid the ultimate calling of "this we do - so others may live."

Like everyone during those tragic days, we wanted to help.  While working in the Allied Pilots (union) command center, fellow associates sketched a vision for the WORLD MEMORIAL as an International forum to receive ideas, designs, artwork and healing from around the globe. In a short time, thousands of messages poured in to the WORLD MEMORIAL. Moved by the images of your brothers and sisters removing bodies around the clock in the "Pit," a common voice came from around the globe:

Save the surviving WTC steel - it was crying out to be preserved as evidence for future generations.   Unfortunately, in the heat of battle, the steel was scrapped and melted down.  A year later after the fires were all put out, nothing remained from that powerful icon seen by 5 billion people around the world.   People died over it, people cried over it, and people shared magnificent careers and dreams within these metal walls. Let us Never Forget. 

Two years ago, a group of artists and FF in Vancouver saw the same vision.  Since all of the steel and even blueprints were destroyed, they created a sculpture armed only with passion and resolve. It symbolized the "thousands of souls" unleashed that infamous morning.  Hence, the appropriate name "Release of Souls."  However in the beginning of this project, everyone commented - it was "too tragic," "too ugly," and the frequent "why are you wasting your time?" Except for one group - the uniformed public servants, who daily put their lives in harms way.  A group that is always the first to be on scene and the last to LEAVE.  A group that daily witnesses tragedy that goes unnoticed by many.  A group, that by profession, knows, lives and daily handles crisis intervention.  You see, it is the Fire Fighters and Police, EMT's and Paramedics from many countries, that united in a common bond of the WTC beauty, power and passion.  As London Police Officer Dave Holdbrook put it, "Let the surviving steel stand erect for a thousand years. Never Forget."

With the last shred of WTC evidence gone, WORLD MEMORIAL went to work on another resource: a beautiful and moving collection of original songs donated from around the world.  This September 11, Balboa Park, Composer Miles Black, musicians from New York to Vancouver, and Maestro Ed Henderson will present a spectacular performance to honor your profession and in tribute and the 3,251 children that lost a parent on that infamous day.  

Please join us and remember our fallen heroes.
Never Forget!

Brus D. Messinger, Founder
© June 25, 2004 WORLD MEMORIAL
Speech to FDNY Retires of California, Fire House Museum, San Diego
Published (PDF) for NY Port Authority, New Jersey State Police, NYPD, FDNY and 9/11 Families
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