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Build a magnificent city center out of the ab initio

9-11 Disaster, Lower Manhattan WORLD MEMORIAL and New WTC

Vortexas PressProtect history; and complement it, with Man's creativity and progress... 
Let architects dream, city planners be wise, and construct a community like no other

     Let this be the tribute to our fallen ones  
  ...The sky's our only limit   


Out of thousands of designs submitted to LMDC, the NYC skyline now rests in the beautiful vision and talents of:

Daniel Libeskind, Architect
with Gary Hack, Urban Planner
Hargreaves Associates, Landscape Architect
Jeff Zupan, Traffic Engineer

Studio Libeskind
Daniel Libeskind
Nina Libeskind
Stefan Blach
Michael Brown
Gerhard Brun
Rob Claiborne
Jean-Lucien Gay
Johannes Hucke
Susanne Milne
Martin Ostermann
Carla Swickerath
and Robert Arens
Ross Anderson
Stephane Carnuccini
Simon Dittmann
Yuri Fujii
Rob Hirschfield
Jens Hoffmann
Chad Machen
Sascha Manteufel
Elliott March
Bahadir Parali
José Francisco Salmeron
Alvin Sewe
Scott Specht of Specht/Harpman
Franziska Streb
Rob Updegraff
Philipp Utermöhl

Thierry Debaille
Jeanette Niggemeyer
Vanessa Offen

Yadegar Asisi

Thorsten Seidel

Arup Ltd.
Irwin Cantor, Slurry Wall Consultant
Colin Williams, RWDI

Hargreaves Associates Landscape Architects
George Hargreaves
Mary Margaret Jones
Catherine Miller
Kirt Rieder
Susan Forster
Attaporn Pok Kobkongsanti
Friederike Huth
Anna Kaufmann
Michelle Crowley
Antonio Medeiros
Shih-Ying Scott Chuang
Wesley Goldstone
Rachel Loeffler

THINK (runner-up)
Shigeru Ban, Frederic Schwartz, Ken Smith, Rafael Viñoly

Frederic Schwartz Architects
Frederic Schwartz
Project Manager
Taizo Yamamoto
Tomas Bauer
Felicity Beck
Patrick Evans
Arvin Flores
Heike Heister
Tracey Hummer
David Mann
Franziska Michel
Gali Osterweil
Henry D. Rollmann
W. Douglas Romines
Jason Warren

Rafael Viñoly Architects
Rafael Viñoly
Ute Bessenecker
Derek Conde
Yoko Fujita
Miwa Fukui
Frances Gretes
Kevin Kleyla
Timo Kuhn
Asaka Kusuma
Chan-li Lin
Alda Ly
Takeshi Miyakawa
Yoshinori Nakamura
Hiroshi Nakayama
Harold Park
Diego Petriella
Andrés Remy
Kazimierz Rzezniak
Mark Sarosi
Joe Schollmeyer
Anna Shtobbe
Jeffrey Timmins
Rei Tokunaga
Konstantin Udilovich
Román Viñoly

Shigeru Ban Architects & Dean Maltz
Shigeru Ban
Dean Maltz
Hirosugi Mizutani
Ken Ishioka
Andrew Lefkowitz

Ken Smith Landscape Architect
Ken Smith
Annie Weinmayr
Judith Wong
Elizabeth Asawa
Tobias Armborst
Joanne Davis Rose
Johanna Ballhaus
William Morrish
Janet Marie Smith

Rockwell Group
David Rockwell
Marc Hacker
Diego Gronda
Edmond Bakos
Charlotte Macaux
Jean Pierre Fontanot

Leo Argiris
Jonathan Drescher
Fiona Cousins
Markus Schulte
Al Palumbo

Buro Happold
Tony McLaughlin
Byron Stigge

Schlaich Bergermann und Partner
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Schlaich
Dr.-Ing. Hans Schober
Stan Reis Photography


Other designs:

Peterson & Littenberg
United Architects
United Architects

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and finally, designing a lasting monument to preserve for all generations that moment in time - September 11, 2001

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