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They shall not grow old. As we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, Nor years condemn,
At the going down of the sun, And in the morning we will remember them…Lest We Forget!

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Brooklyn Remembers Heroes – 5th Year Commemoration ceremony hosted by NYC Councilman Vincent Gentile
Graphic Blue Marble: NASA Earth Observatory Team, International Education Consortium


Principle Designer:
Brus Messinger, ©2006 WM
Graphic Artist:
Keith DiCesare Piaseczny, ArtAID Founder
Graphic Consultant: Warren Clymer, New York City
Graphic Consultant: Katon, British Columbia

Graphic Procurement : Mitch Mendler
Graphic Blue Marble: NASA Earth Observatory, Goddard Space Flight Center, Daniel Singhal
Graphic Milky Way Panorama: ©2001 Dr. Axel Mellinger, University of Potsdam, Germany
Graphic PhotoReal 3D Earth: ©2006 Dean A. Scott,
Owner/Lead Animator, Chrusion
Graphic PhotoReal Sunrise: Jean-Christophe Francois, Brussels, Belgium
Graphic Portraits: Provided by 9/11 Family Members

Names Editors: ArtAID, Mitch Mendler and 9/11 Families
Narrative: WM Founder and Editor: Vortexaspress
Poet: Lawrence Binyon (1869-1943), Oxford & Harvard Professor

Printers: President Michael Tardy and Manager Paco Padilla, Dimensional Silk Screen
Team Installation: Alex Huerta Owner of h3graphics, FDNY (Ret) Jack Toale, Fire Captain George Real, Katon, Mitch Mendler, Christine McGirr; and Terry Norwood, Founder of Signs4U
WORLD MEMORIAL, ArtAID, NASA and Chrusion are registered trademarks.



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1973 Dedication by WTC Chief Architect Minoru Yamasaki
HOPE!  By Sculptor Robert L. LandrySteel Voices Calling!  PUBLIC SAFETY - The Tradition ContinuesRESCUE!  82 Nations!  Coming Soon

WORLD MEMORIAL posters are available for educational/nonprofit use.
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Brooklyn Remembers Heroes – 5th Year Commemoration ceremony hosted by NYC Councilman Vincent Gentile

WORLD MEMORIAL created this North America Tour to honor the lives and dreams extinguished on September Eleven. In a single day our world changed. Terrorists crashed four civilian jetliners into international symbols of freedom, military leadership, free enterprise and—most importantly—democracy. Within 93 minutes, the two tallest buildings in our nation fell, killing three thousand people from 95 nations. The same fanatical group had bombed the WTC on February 26, 1993, injuring 1,000 and killing six. Additionally, Manhattan residents, survivors, rescue teams, and countless volunteers who came to our aid from around the world will suffer the effects of toxic Ground Zero dust and 100-day-long fires. Families’ anguish, children’s nightmares, spiraling government budgets, loss of corporate leadership, and global trauma will take their toll for decades. WORLD MEMORIAL salutes the Armed Forces and those in public service who daily protect life, liberty, and peace. -WM Founder



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All donations are tax-free and any amount is greatly appreciated. All donations are tax-free and any amount is greatly appreciated.
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