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Due to my sister Christine’s death, I realized the physical pain and depression one endures and the absolute agony of grief.  How people expect you to pull yourself together and “Get over it.”   But the reality is, that healing can only occur one small step at a time. One needs to formulate a daily personal plan in order to reach a state, whereby you are once again operating at your full potential. The sadness never leaves you, but you are able to manage your sadness and resume your place in society. Thus said, if you are unable to find a way to deal with your grief, shrouded in depression, the rest of your life is spent being afraid, angry, resentful, and suspicious. Your wonderful loveliness that you brought into the world at birth is lost. Click here for the full abstract

Sculpture Designer Louis LouwRELEASE OF SOULS Founder and Artist Kathleen Tonnesen in front of her earlier works:  Blown AwayRELEASE OF SOULS Metal Works,

Kathleen Tonnesen, Creator and Producer, ROS Concert Series
Dave Rouleau, Dave's Custom Metalworks, 604 552 9423, Sculpture Fabrication
Louis Louw, Release of Souls Architectural Designer
Structural Engineer, Brian Lytton of Peak Engineering Ltd.
Finish Carpenter Stephen Malacko, Maji Enterprises
Engraver Alan Ceresney of Engraver's Express
Engraver Femmie, Ramak's Trophy House
How Art Heals, Robert Genn Weekly Newsletter
Administrator Dave Constable for Artist Canada online ROS Article

WORLD MEMORIAL Centerpiece by Robert Landry
WORLD MEMORIAL Museum Centerpiece by Robert Landry

WORLD MEMORIAL Centerpiece by Robert Landry
American Grace
Painting by Las Vegas Firefighter/EMT Allan Albaitis with Fire Art

Reflections painting by Vancouver Fire Fighter Jim NedelakReflections painting by Vancouver Fire Fighter Jim Nedelak
By Vancouver Fire Fighter Jim Nedelak, 604-536-9810
Charcoal painting of
Captain Patrick J. Brown, biography and purchase

The OTHER HEROES, painting by Fay Lindrooth, mother of Captain  Lindrooth, UNITED AIRLINES
The Other Heroes
Painting by Fay Lindrooth, mother of Captain Lindrooth, UNITED AIRLINES

ART for Healing NYC
Loren Ellis Founder