Release of Souls - Concert

We are brothers; born of the earth
We will not falter; under hatred's curse
United alter; we stand as one
Hear us thunder; we are strong

Not for glory; worthless praise
Not for money; a moment's fame
We run with courage; to the ones in pain
With arms to rescue
Would you do the same?

Never Forget, Never !
Never Forget, Never !

The flag above us; we link arm in arm
Each generation; to the one before
Some have fallen; we feel the ache
Our hope is steady; and we keep the pace

Called to duty
Signal 5555
Sacrifices ... And so many lives
These bells will ring out
For the ones we've lost
Their race now finished
At so great a cost ...

Never Forget!
by Glenda Rae and Katon

Below is a sample of songs performed at the Release of Souls concert.
Titles indicated with * are available on CD from Talisman Music: 1-800-600-7127,
online or E-mail

When Daddy Comes Home*
Fiona Blackburn
Dedicated to all our overseas Military men and women,
and to the strength and resilience of their families who are left behind to look after hearth and home
Written by songwriter Janet Kidd, just as war in the Gulf was declared

Echo Taps
Pasadena Fire Department Honor Guard Bugler, Jon Trautwein

Wings of Peace*
Duet: Glenda Rae and Brett Wade
Pasadena Cub Scouts & Girl Scouts
Dedicated to the 3,251 children who lost a Mother or a Father

Not Afraid*
Glenda Rae
Dedicated to conquering our Fears
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God made us that way
Mississippi State Fire Academy , Senior Instructor, Shannon Sandridge

If it's all the same to you*
Fiona Blackburn

California Professional Firefighters, Pipes & Drums

Five loaves Two fish*
Glenda Rae
Dedicated to the Salvation Army, for feeding the thousands and comforting
WTC Rescue workers

San Diego Fire Chaplain, Prayer to Protect

Father Judge*
Duet: Fiona Blackburn, Mark Donnelly
Dedicated to FDNY Fire Chaplain, Father Mychael Judge
A man for and of the people; blessing everyone he met with his big firm hands.

Release of Souls*
Fiona Blackburn
Dedicated to ALL of us, One World, One Peace

One Colour for a Day*
Glenda Rae
Dedicated to New Yorkers, it is about the “Ash People” covered in the sacred dust of others.
For one day on Earth, it didn't matter what your skin colour was; what your race, religion or creed.
It simply mattered that you still breathed. Just for one day, everyone was the same and everyone helped each other.

Darkest Night*
Glenda Rae
Dedicated to the Survivors 9-11

The 9/11 Anthem - Never Forget*
Salute to Uniformed Public Service

Scotland the Brave
California Professional Firefighters~ Pipes & Drums

God Bless America
Fire Fighter Engineer Llewellyn Willis

Release of Souls Concert Tour:
Darkest Night
by Glenda Rae and Miles Black (ROS Tour Page)
Father Judge, Composer Miles Black; Lyrics by Fiona Blackburn & Katon;
– sung by Fiona Blackburn & Mark Donnelly (Team Up)
Heroes, Composer Miles Black; Lyrics by Fiona Blackburn & Katon (ROS Artist Page)
I'm Not Afraid, by Glenda Rae and Miles Black (I'm Not Afraid Website)
Mr. O' Canada, Mark Donnelly, National Anthem Singer
Never Forget, Composer Miles Black; Lyrics by Glenda Rae, B. Messinger & Katon
– Live performance vocals by Fire Fighter Shannon Sandridge (Concert)
New York, Tears and Hope by French-Lebanese Composer Bechara EL KHOURY
One Color for a Day, Composer Miles Black; Lyrics Glenda Rae, Katon & Messinger (WM Page)
Release of Souls, Composer Miles Black; Lyrics by Fiona Blackburn & Katon (ROS Page)
Wings of Peace, Composer Miles Black; Lyrics by Glenda Rae, Katon & B. Messinger (Education)
WTC Prayers by Cantor Joseph Malovany, Honorary President of the Cantorial Council of America

release of Souls FIONA BLACKBURN WebsiteGlenda Rae WebsiteWTC Prayers by world renowned Cantor Joseph Malovany, Honorary President of the Cantorial Council of America Miles Black WebsiteMiles Black composes for RELEASE OF SOULS
Order Original ROS Music-CD from Talisman Music: 1-800-600-7127,
online or E-mail
Most recognized for his immensely popular appearances singing the national anthem during the NHL play-offs last spring, Mark is commonly referred to as “Mr. O Canada”, and the Canucks’ “Lucky Charm”. Mark won the hearts of hockey fans and Canadians from coast to coast by holding the microphone to the crowd and encouraging them to sing along on his solid and unabashedly patriotic version of our national anthem. He has since sung for a variety of events from political conventions to the BC Highland Games to the swearing in of more than 400 new Canadians last Canada Day.

Miles Black, Music Director, Keyboard
Fiona Blackburn
, Vocalist-Songwriter
Glenda Rae, Vocalist-Songwriter
Kathleen Tonnesen, Songwriter/Producer
Mark Donnelly, "Mr O' Canada," Tenor
Shannon Sandridge, Singer-Songwriter, Instructor Firefighter
Robert"Bobby" Krupinski, NJ State Bugler, Police Officer (Ret.), Buglers Across America
Tony Chamberlist, Percussion
Rene Worst, Bass 
Brett Wade, Vocalist, Guitar
Ed Henderson, Conductor & Orchestration

CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS Starting out as a volunteer, Shannon Sandridge progressed quickly up the ranks to become a professional fire fighter and Senior Instructor with the Mississippi Fire Academy.  Shannon's real-life experiences in braving fires and saving lives, forged with his love of singing/songwriting, serve as an emotionally backdrop to the WORLD MEMORIAL Firefighter Tribute. Broadway Singer/Song Writer/Actress Patricia Welch and WORLD MEMORIAL - United We StandRecording Artist Donny Sawyer voices support for a WORLD MEMORIALMiles Black WebsiteSinger-Song Writer Robyn Adams in a tribute to WORLD MEMORIAL - We Will Remember You
Producer of WORLD MEMORIAL.swf presentation thanks Yahoo 9/11 pictures and music by Lee Greenwood for this extremely important issue - building a WORLD MEMORIALNewDeJaVu pays tribute to a WORLD MEMORIALThe Victim's Anthem performed by Gospel singer-song writer Susan D. WisemanWORLD MEMORIAL welcomes Arno9-11;   Performed by Mr. Hansen's 5th Grade Class at Easterbrook Elementary with help of singer/songwriter/producer Bob ReidDoug and Pam Champagne perform:  The Legacy
WORLD MEMORIAL presents - Eleventh of September -  by Minnie and JoseMiles Black Websiterelease of Souls FIONA BLACKBURN WebsiteSteve Pichan performs LETS ROLLRecording Artist Laughing Cavalier performs for a WORLD MEMORIAL
Tenor Mark Donnelly resides in White Rock, BC with his wife Catherine and their seven children.  For bookings or lessons, please call 604-339-4435 New York City Recording Artist WENDY WALL dedicates a WORLD MEMORIAL
15th Field Artillery Regiment, ROYAL CANADIAN ARMY Band
Captain Richard J. Van Slyke, Director of Music / OC
4050 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6R 1P6
604-231-7708,  Cel 604-763-7708, Fax 604-231-7712
Ed Henderson, Vancouver Chamber Conductor (PDF)

Briere Sound and Lighting, c/o Chris Briere, 1771 Douglas Road, Burnaby, BC, CANADABriere Sound and Lighting, c/o Chris Briere, 1771 Douglas Road, Burnaby, BC, CANADABriere Sound and Lighting, c/o Chris Briere, 1771 Douglas Road, Burnaby, BC, CANADA
Briere Sound and Lighting, c/o Chris Briere, 1771 Douglas Road, Burnaby, BC, CANADABriere Sound and Lighting, c/o Chris Briere, 1771 Douglas Road, Burnaby, BC, CANADA

Kathleen Tonnesen, Producer
Dave & Tina Rouleau, Dave's Custom Metalworks
Louis Louw, Release of Souls Designer
Dave Custom Metalworks, Assistant
Tim Laithwaite, Band Manager
Briere Sound and Lighting
Brus Messinger & Team-Up Volunteers
Steven Bishop, Road One, Transportation
Scott Tonne and John Mueller, Freeman
Eddie Cardines, Forklift Driver