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GOLD SPONSOR ($25,000 and Up)
Corporate Sponsor Package (PDF)
Katon Artist Productions, British Columbia, Canada
Dave's Custom Metalworks, 604 552 9423, Sculpture Fabrication
Mitch Mendler, San Diego Fire Fighter-Paramedic, Founder of Public Safety Net
Brus D. Messinger, WORLD MEMORIAL Founder and Rescue Pilot

SILVER SPONSOR ($10,000 plus)

Viking Controls supports an alternate energy WORLD MEMORIAL. iCentrics is a full service company, offering strategy, design and implementation services for your web, multimedia and IT initiatives. We also offer hosting on our high-speed servers and continual maintenance, giving our customers a single point of accountability for their entire initiative.iCentrics is a full service company, offering strategy, design and implementation services for your web, multimedia and IT initiatives. We also offer hosting on our high-speed servers and continual maintenance, giving our customers a single point of accountability for their entire initiative. EmergiLink is the vital link between the EMS Provider & the patients they serve.Gary Lovell, CEO of XENEX LABS has been and will continue to be a principle sponsor of the WORLD MEMORIAL - ROS Memorial Concert Series; honoring members of the Emergency Services.
Brett Hill, South Pasadena Firefighter-Paramedic, Founder of Emerglink & Official 9/11 Patch
Gary Lovell, CEO of Xenex Laboratories

BRONZE SPONSOR ($2,500 plus)

Monica Cantrell, Manager with Replica, is a WM Contributor & helped create of the EMS posterNational ConstructionDC Public Safety Academy helps WORLD MEMORIAL
Phoenix U-Haul Rental helps WORLD MEMORIALWM Iguana Mack'sPhoenix SunBelt Rental helps WORLD MEMORIAL
Vancouver Fire Fighters Local 18Robert Landry, sculpting the WORLD MEMORIAL Museum Centerpiece VortexasPressMemorial CoinBriere Sound and Lighting, c/o Chris Briere, 1771 Douglas Road, Burnaby, BC, CANADACohn & Wolfe is an award-winning international public relations agency whose mission is to create, build and defend brands.  The company employees more than 300 professionals worldwide, specializing in corporate, healthcare, technology and consumer communications. The firm’s passion for creativity, combined with its proprietary brand analysis tools and commitment to client service, help make it one of the top-20 firms around the world.
Vancouver's Premier FBO. Shell Aerocentre is a full service FBO located at the Vancouver International Airport, CYVR,   that can accommodate the requirements of the corporate traveler and pilot alike. We offer corporate and itinerant aircraft storage and fueling services, a terminal complex with a flight planning room, pilot lounge, meeting rooms, executive offices and many other amenities.Special thanks to CRATEX CONTAINER SALES, 7664 - 80th Street, Delta (Vancouver), B.C. Canada V4G-1C1, 1-800-665-9651, Phone: 1-604-940-9908 , Fax: 1-604-940-9344Kinkos of San DiegoWM ClipPeak Engineering
VortexasPressVortexasPressPacific Sportswear is the proud sponsor of the WORLD MEMORIAL pin.Pacific Sportswear is the proud sponsor of the WORLD MEMORIAL pin.VortexasPress
EmergiLink is the vital link between the EMS Provider & the patients they serve.BEAR CRANE SERVICES, Dick Boulter, 604-532-0611, CEL 604-250-5777, 19996 68th AvePacSportPacific Sportswear is the proud sponsor of the WORLD MEMORIAL pin.

Elle D'Agostino, Founder, ViViD action photography, 480-239-0337
Einstein’s Bagels
Alan Ceresney of Engraver's Express, 604-533-3467 Order Line: 800-663-1149

Captain Eric Hoek, B-767
Monica Cantrell, Replica, San Diego
Captain & Mrs. Bill Shirley, DC-10

Comfort Inn, San Diego
Dawn Creative Company

Finish Carpenter Stephen Malacko, Maji Enterprises, 604-649-7476
Flower Box, South Pasadena

Engraver Femmie, Ramak's Trophy House, 604–465-6206
FDNY, Retirees of California, President Jack Toale (Letter of endorsement)
FIRE ETC - Homeland Security Memorial Ambulance & San DIego FIRE EXPO host

Louis Louw, Release of Souls Designer
Milton Messinger, Founder of VortexasPress
Nathan E Green, U-2 Military Officer and Airline Pilot

Rich "Dr. Patch" Soergel, PacSport, GloTech Hats, Metal Dog Tags, Cycle Patches
Pacific Sportswear & Emblem, Box 152111, San Diego, CA 92195, 619-281-6688, FAX 6687

Pacific Waste Services
San Diego City Fire Fighters, Local #145
San Diego Medical Services Enterprise (Ambulance donation)
Scott Air Pack - NYC Exhibit Sponsor (Letter of endorsement)
Sharp Memorial Hospital
Steve Bishop, ROAD ONE, ROS Logistics, 858-492-5227
Structural Engineer, Brian Lytton of Peak Engineering Ltd.,
Tyco Fire and Security
- NYC Fifth Anniversary Sponsor (Letter of endorsement)
ZOLL Cardiac - advancing resuscitation

Compassionate Level ($911 Plus)
Byron and Robert Wear, The Dan Diego Foundation
City Events Security, San Diego
Communications Wireless
Disaster Medical Assistance Team
Harold and Isabelle Lutrin
Rural/Metro Corporation
San Diego CA-4
Stryker Gurneys
Susannah Walsh, CPA, MPA, Aviator Tax
Warren Clymer, Art Director (The Godfather)

Department "Badge" Donation ($500)
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Kind Heart ($250)
Autumn Heather
Captain Butch Dunkle
Captain Dennis Little
David & Linda Blancett
Dr. Ivri and Mark Rumple
Perfect Image Video
Sunset Valet Parking

WM Production Friends
Airline Ambassadors
Alacer Corp
American Grace, Fire Art by Allan Albaitis, Firefighter/EMT, Las Vegas
Artist Jim Nedelak, Fire Fighter
Artist Kelly Borsheim, Texas
Aviator Tax, Susannah Walsh, CPA, MPA
Best Hot Dog in the World
Bradley Burlingame, West Hollywood Convention & Visitors Bureau
Briere Sound Ltd.
Carrow's of South Pasadena
Conroy's Flowers
C.S. Mechanical & equipment Corp., NY
Dedication Quote, Chris Ganci, New York
Einstein Bros. Bagels
Epic Medics
Fire ETC
Glaser & Bailey Awards, Inc.
HSBC Nonprofit Financial Manager, Release Of Souls Memorial, 604-467-1131
Kilroys extreme catering
Maji Enterprises, Stephen Malacko
Manny Delgado, San Diego
Mirage Limousine Service
Moose McGillycuddy's
Monster Lighting
MTA - Gold Line
Old Town Trolley
Paddy Tennant,Tennant design Group
Pat Oscar's
P.F. Chang's China Bistro
Phil's BBQ, Mission Hills
Pitt Meadows News, 119 Avenue, Maple Ridge B.C. V2X-2Z3
Poet Rose Bray, Vancouver
Rolling Memorial for Fallen Firefighters
Sharkey's Wood Fired Mexican Grill, Pasadena
Sheila Holdway, Aztec Insurance & Financial, 619-698-1000, FAX 619-698-1198
Simone Ponne, Photographer, 604-467-1122, Fax 604-463-4741, Cell 604-908-9713
Summit Financial, La Mesa, CA
Tea Pavilion, San Diego
The Bead Quilt, 9/11 Memorial Project
Toner Cartridge Recycling
Wings of Peace project, Midnite Fairy

WM Production Volunteers (helping with two or More events)
(Individual names are listed on concert program)
Pasadena and San Diego ROS Concerts
9/11 Memorial Patch
9/11 Memorial Coin
9/11 Memorial Quilt
Epic Medics
Eric McKeller
Fire ECT
Fire Fighter Daniel Collins
Firefighter Eddie Cardenas, San Diego
FDNY Cross Country
Gary Lovell and Tom Walker
Janine Pairis
KPAS Television
Lisa Derderian
Major Wes Bowers (Ret)
Pasco-Colorado Management
San Diego Fire fighters & Paramedics
Ted Shaw
Wendell Eaton

San Diego Fire Prevention Supervisor Jose Lopez
San Diego Fire Fighter Christopher Basham
San Diego Fire Fighter Ed Cardenas
San Diego Fire fighter Aaron Boyd
San Diego Fire Fighter Paul Vauchelet
San Diego EMT Kristine Deckard
FDNY Retirees CA Dan Noonan
FDNY Retirees CA Jack Toale
FDNY Retirees CA Chief Sam Cahan
FDNY Retirees CA Bob Allen
FDNY Retirees CA Jerry Bresnan
FDNY Retirees CA Richard La Fauci
FDNY Retirees CA Frank Mazza
FDNY Retirees CA John Sottille
FDNY Retirees CA Joseph Bonano
FDNY Retirees CA Kenneth Rainier
FDNY Retirees CA Darren Skelley
FDNY Retirees CA Peter McConville
FDNY Retirees CA Leon
Freeman Union Melodie Ward
Freeman Union Rayda Vauchelet
Freeman Union Becky Ferguson
Freeman Union Paul Vauchelet
Freeman Union John Mueller
Freeman Union Scott Tonne
Maple Ridge Fire Fighter Patrick Cadieux
ROAD ONE Fred Griffith

LOS ANGELES Convention Center, FDIC WEST EXPO - June 2005
George E. Fern Company Union Members:
Erica Wells
Tony Smith
Mark Mafiosi
Tom Cavaretia
Jeff Stocki
Ray Wright
Steve Jones
Mario Huerta
Jim Murphy
Wayne Brown
Tristin Lopez
Joel Sanders
Richard McCormick
Michael Mallers
Shaun Haro
Jeromy Haro
Omar Roa
Chris Butler
Jim Wahler Los Angeles Fire Department Engine 209
LAFD Captain Bertram Jobsz
LAFD Engineer Craig Wobig
LAFD Fire Fighter Robert D'Amico
LAFD Fire Fighter Jeff Hiatt Los Angeles Fire Fighter Explorers Post 100
LAFD Christine Shaffer
LAFD Andrew Fonseca
LAFD Keston Abe
LAFD Manolo Danny Gomez

Los Angeles Convention Center - LAFD Fire Inspector Mike Riley
Oakland Fire Department, CA. Lieutenant Jay Comella
South Pasadena , CA. Fire Fighter Paramedic, Brett Hill

     WORLD MEMORIAL Partners

Commercial Animator Matt Jackson developed the WTC Memorial Wall Presentation and Vision
Buildthetowers.org with WORLD MEMORIALEnduring Memorial hosted on WORLD MEMORIALWORLD MEMORIAL and NEW VISIONSDerek G Turning is looking forward to meeting you on 11/11/2011 on the 111th floor. How great the view will be of the greatest city in the world, New York City!

Fine Print Press salutes WORLD MEMORIAL

Barbara E. Lang-Lyras Auffret , Author of Brave and Finest
George Pickett, Author of The Brave
Grains of Sand & Training Wheels



9/11 Filmmakers support a WORLD MEMORIAL
AB Productions
Action-Drama-Mystery Screenplay Available for Production.  Based on a True Story of Albert Bance.

Amy Knowles, Curator, Swirls of Color
Tribute to NYPDVancouver Fire Fighters Local 18The Rolling Memorial teams up with WORLD MEMORIALGreenworld CharityPort Authority Memorial teams up to for a WORLD MEMORIAL tribute
Emotional Support Services (ACCESS)AirCraft Casualty Emotional Support Services (ACCESS)

Internet CIVIL ENGINEER supports a WORLD MEMORIALViking Controls supports an alternate energy WORLD MEMORIAL.
WORLD MEMORIAL - a Memorial of Tears
Vancouver Fire Fighters Local 18Vancouver Fire Fighters Local 18EmergiLink is the vital link between the EMS Provider & the patients they serve.
Michael Ragsdale – a video producer in New York City – collected posters, letters, cards, brochures, event programs, press releases, and announcements from the city's streets nearly every day from September 11, 2001 until September 15, 2002. Here, the Archive has preserved nearly a thousand of such items from his collection. In the coming months, we plan to add nearly five hundred more. The September 11 Digital Archive is pleased to announce that it has partnered with the Library of Congress to insure the long-term preservation of its collections. To mark the occasion a day-long a symposium entitled September 11 as History: Collecting Today for Tomorrow was hosted at the Library on September 10, 2003. Click here for more information about the symposium. Click here for more information about the Archive's historic partnership with the Library of Congress.


Erroll G. Southers, Deputy Director, Office of Homeland Security, CA
Predrag Golub, Inventor, teams up with WORLD MEMORIAL by Space ImagingPatriot-watch, Charity and WORLD MEMORIALMakers of 3-D coin medalions for your loved ones
Port Authority Memorial teams up to for a WORLD MEMORIAL tribute
“Enroute Pace Setters” Okinawa, JAPAN; supporting a WORLD MEMORIAL, honoring our fallenRemember our POW/MIAs
Memorial HQ
The Bergen Museum Life Recorded is an online memorial where you can place pictures, music and wonderful stories about your deceased loved ones...creating a personalized tribute to share with friends and family around the world.

The Bergen MuseumSaving the Histories of September 11, 2001
WORLD MEMORIAL hosts whispers2 Poet Joyce Willson, wife of Captain Charles F. Willson, NY Fire DepartmentRELEASE OF SOULS Founder and Artist Kathleen Tonnesen in front of painting:  Blown Away
Meme si Paris est loin de New York, nous avons ete profondemment et durablement horrifies par la tragedie du 11 septembre. La douleur est intense, comme si cela etait arrive a des membres de notre famille ou a des amis. Nous supportons totalement le WORLD MEMORIAL, nous compatissons a la douleur des familles des victimes et nous prions pour elles... ....ARTDAY.COM .... ....Even though PARIS is far from New York, we have been deeply and definitively horrified by the global tragedy of 9-11. The pain is hard; as if it has happened to our family members and friends. We are in full support of a WORLD MEMORIAL.Professional Photographer Marc Golub exhibits his work at WORLD MEMORIALArtist and Professional Photographer Peter Balazsy helped create the WORLD MEMORIAL visionArtist and Professional Photographer Richard Klingman helped create the WORLD MEMORIAL vision
Proud WORLD MEMORIAL contributor
Ground Zero and WORLD MEMORIAL by Space Imaging

Starting out as a volunteer, Shannon Sandridge progressed quickly up the ranks to become a professional fire fighter and Senior Instructor with the Mississippi Fire Academy.  Shannon's real-life experiences in braving fires and saving lives, forged with his love of singing/songwriting, serve as an emotionally backdrop to the WORLD MEMORIAL Firefighter Tribute. Miles Black WebsiteMiles Black Websiterelease of Souls FIONA BLACKBURN Website Singer-Song Writer Robyn Adams in a tribute to WORLD MEMORIAL - We Will Remember You
9-11;   Performed by Mr. Hansen's 5th Grade Class at Easterbrook Elementary with help of singer/songwriter/producer Bob Reid The Victim's Anthem performed by Gospel singer-song writer Susan D. WisemanNewDeJaVu pays tribute to a WORLD MEMORIAL Recording Artist Donny Sawyer voices support for a WORLD MEMORIALWORLD MEMORIAL welcomes Arno
Jo Ann Biviano "I'll Always Remember!"
Doug and Pam Champagne perform:  The Legacy
WORLD MEMORIAL presents - Eleventh of September -  by Minnie and JoseSteve Pichan performs LETS ROLLNew York City Recording Artist WENDY WALL dedicates a WORLD MEMORIALBroadway Singer/Song Writer/Actress Patricia Welch and WORLD MEMORIAL - United We StandRecording Artist Laughing Cavalier performs for a WORLD MEMORIALProducer of WORLD MEMORIAL.swf presentation thanks Yahoo 9/11 pictures and music by Lee Greenwood for this extremely important issue - building a WORLD MEMORIAL
La Petite Auberge 116 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10016
Robert Landry, sculpting the WORLD MEMORIAL Museum Centerpiece Sherries Sculpture influenced by 9/11Famous painter and sculptor Olja Ivanjicki and the BIG APPLE
Radio Talk Show Personality and Automotive Expert Ed Wallace promotes:  It's Time to End the Oil Age
Ground Zero and WORLD MEMORIAL by Space ImagingGround Zero and the WORLD MEMORIAL location by EARTH CAMRob Kamphausen. producer of AmericanTrimuphant, fully supports the WORLD MEMORIAL Ricon Web Design, Alberta, CANADA:  Active supporter of the WORLD MEMORIAL and creator of five WTC Tribute multimedia presentations

Thanks for being a part of WORLD MEMORIAL
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