North America Tour - 2011


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2011 Events
10 Year

Fire Olympics


August 26th thru September 5th 2011. It has a great video and opens with Mike Carlo lighting the torch in Barcelona for the 2003 games, which I had the opportunity to attend. Hopefully, the NYC Games will give the WPFG the recognition it deserves. - Jack Toale

Court Officer Tribute
Manhattan, NY

October 2011
New York State Supreme Court hosting
Release of Souls Memorial Exhibit (Open to the Public)

New York State Supreme Court
111 Center Street, New York, NY 10013
Project Manager: Mr. David Costanzo, NYS Facilities Liaison
Phone: 646-386-3928

United Nations
TBD, November 2011
United Nations Headquarters, New York
Please forward Project Manager nominations to WORLD MEMORIAL

Indianapolis, Indiana

April, 2011

Exterior Exhibit in planning.

Baltimore, MD

July 25 - 30, 2011
WORLD MEMORIAL Exterior Exhibit

Many thanks to Stacy L Wegner
Sales Manager, Cygnus Expositions
801 Cliff Road East St. 201
Burnsville, MN
800.827.8009 Ext. 3329
952.894.8252 Fax



8th Year GZ Anniversary, ROS Memorial Concert of International Healing
September 11, 2011

Robert Krupinski - Board Member (nomination), Official New Jersey State Bugler
New Jersey State Bugler - Officer Robert Krupinski (Ret.)

ROS Producer: Kathleen Tonnesen
Master of Ceremonies: Jack Delaney
Host: John Michelotti, President of Flags of Honor
Project Manager: Joan Dowd, 718-640-5818
Logistics & Fundraising: Mitch Mendler
FDNY Coordinator: Jack Toale
EMS Coordinator: Allison Burke, Greater NY Hospital Association
New Jersey State Honor Guard Commander: Lt. Robert Kneer
New Jersey State Bugler (Ret) Police Officer: Robert Krupinski
Port Authority Coordinator:
NYS Court Officers Coordinator: Mr. David Costanzo
IWA Coordinator: NYC Union Ironworkers
Liaison to 9/11 Families - Bill Doyle, Father of Joey Doyle
If you are interested in volunteering your services or time - please contact the Producer Kathleen Tonnesen, 214-850-3377


- Full Concert TBD
- Inspired by Metro Police Officer Dave Holdbrook

Paris - TBD
Prague - TBD

A Tribute to Our Heroes
Another day begins searching for a husband, a brother, someone’s precious wife,
No time for you to think or feel, the job is clear…to save a life.

Exhausted but managed a little sleep,
Shoveled down some food, you needed something to eat.

Meet the crew and off you go,
Through ominous rubble, bucket brigades row upon row.

Closely surrounding the site where all the streets seem bare,
You will see the rest of the world’s firefighters,
shoulder to shoulder standing there.

Look above in the shadow of the clouds to see the Maltese Cross,
All those gone before you trying to heal you from your loss.

As you collapse into the arms of loved ones from unspeakable grief and pain,
Know that none of you are alone, your brotherhood and their families do the same.

As you try to make some sense of what we’'ll never understand,
The voices for humanity sing “you are the bravest in the land”.

Mary E. Feldman, 2001
Mary is an artist, poet and wife of 30 year fire service veteran.
A Tribute to Our Heroes, Embracing the New York Sky and Fire Fighter Prayer

Dedication name plates are available to honor 9/11 families, friends and loved ones. An honor guard will affixed the plaque to the ROS memorial in any city along the tour.  CD-ROM containing originals songs, multimedia tributes, LMDC submissions and ROS songs, is available for $20 US/CDN donation.  We need your help to tour the ROS Memorial across North America. To volunteer your time, please contact ROS producer Kathleen Tonnesen. Donations can be made to:  WORLD MEMORIAL
Vice President Mitch Mendler, 3616 Hartzel Dr., Spring Valley, CA, 91977-2017

.All donations are tax-free and any amount is greatly appreciated.
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Glenda Rae
, Singer-Songwriter - Miles Black, Composer -
Rene Worst
, Musician - Brett Wade, Musician - Tony Chamberlist, Engineer

Glenda Rae Website