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Pentagon Memorial, Dyon 9/11/02
Click to download a three minute, stand-alone, tribute to the members of our Armed Forces

Highlights of PENTAGON MEMORIAL, concept submitted, 11 Sep 2002:
1.  Historic significance, resolution and spirit of a nation
2.  Sacrifices of our fallen heroes, families and fellow service members
3.  Fight for freedom, human rights, democracy, and peace around the globe
Pentagon View

PENTAGON MEMORIAL PARK integrates a full scope approach of that infamous day, the tragedies at this site and throughout the nation.    The overall concept begins with traditional symbols of freedom, commerce and the United States military.  All were attacked September 11.  

Ground Zero Sphere
In a fitting tribute, we incorporate the image of the World Trade Center “Sphere,” crafted by Fritz Koenig; symbolizing peace, free market and “Global Reach.”  The 27-foot black granite globe is punctuated with nearly 3000 pins, signifying the families and hometowns of our fallen comrades. 
Red elevated pins for Pentagon victims, white for WTC and blue for Flight 93. 
Pentagon Memorial Logo

The memorial fountain, offset below the Sphere, is then shaped into a powerful 5-sided, golden image to honor those killed in Washington.  The area is graded so the visitor initially sees a globe resting on the landscape; but on closer inspection, the ground opens up in the direction of the flight path and reveals a tranquil courtyard, cascading fountain, and names of those honored.

Etched on the fountain basin is Flight-77’s route; scored with a chronology 9-11 eventsof tragedy: 
0745      (Eastern Time Zone), Flight 11 & 175 takeoff from Boston Logan
0800      Flight 93 departs Newark
0810      Flight 77 Lifts off from Washington Dulles
0846      Flight 175 strikes 1WTC, North Tower
0903      Second plane, Flight 11 flies into 2WTC, South Tower
0929      President Bush addresses the Nation from Sarasota, Florida
937      Flight 77 impacts Pentagon
0943      President boards Air Force One
0949      FAA shuts down departures nationwide
0959      2WTC, South Tower, collapsed
1020      Flight 93 Passengers overpower terrorists; crash 80mi SE of Pittsburgh
1029      1WTC, North Tower implodes

Pentagon phonePentagon ConstructionPentagon FlagDedication of the Pentagon rebuilding

Names of 125 civilian and military members are engraved on the fountain’s western side in black granite.  Crew and Passengers killed onboard Flight 77 are featured next to the flight path above.
Firefighter passes WTC flag to front-line US soldier

Rising above Memorial Fountain is a 77’ flagpole erected at eleven degrees.  Modeled after Tom Franklin’s “Freedom” photograph, the FDNY firefighter passes the United States flag upward to a front-line US service member. Water flow down the PENTAGON MEMORIAL globe

A thin stream of water emerges from the Sphere, ripples down the globe, hitting the raised marks, signifying the disrupted lives.  It flows into the shallow basin tracing the ill-fated path of flight 77, cascades down the side and sheets across the victim’s names.

Pentagon Memorial Features

WMHonors fallen heroes, families and fellow service members

WMOur fight for freedom, human rights, democracy and peace around the globe

WMFlight 77’s route is traced in granite; scored with chronology of 9/11 events  

WMWater cascades over globe and deceased names; signifying the disrupted lives

WMFirefighter passes 9-11 US flag to a front-line US soldier

WMSpot lighting Memorial fountain, globe, park, flight path, flag and Pentagon

WMStone and glass walls between the Memorial and Pentagon, added for security

WMTerraced areas and many benches and for rest and reflection

WMOption to add pedestrian sky-bridges for convenience, safety and esthetics

WMFlowing walkways for the disabled, opposing fountain side has terraced steps

WMAlternative energy sources and devices