Two Parks


Two Parks


I am a resident of Tunkhannock, PA. I'm writing this letter with some degree of concern about what is going to happen to the area of the former World Trade Center. I realize that it is important for business to return to this area of the city and that the amount of business that was lost due to the tragedy was great. However, this ground has now become hallowed due to the losses of our friends and loved ones, and to build anything on it at all would just not be right. My friend Laura was lost in this tragedy, and I want to see her and all the other people lost on that dreadful day memorialized in a GREAT way.

My idea is to have two square areas of grass of exact acreage as the towers placed exactly where each one was, with a beautiful memorial of stone or granite with the names of all of the victims engraved on each of the memorials placed in the center of each square. It would resemble a memorial park somewhat, but with very few structures and statues.

I think we owe it to our loved ones and friends to keep this ground as
hallowed and as beautiful as possible. It should be a place of peace and tranquility for the lives that were lost there. I have not yet been to
ground zero but I feel compelled to go there. I, like many Americans
rarely have a day when I don't think of what happened on that fateful
day in September. It will be in my mind and heart for the rest of my
life. I hope that after all that is said and done, we can use this
ground for nothing else  but remembering and reflecting.

Scott G. S.


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