Memorial of Tears


Memorial of Tears

The pond of tears will be in a circle one foot deep, of cement or whatever material the engineers deem appropriate. The pond will hold the actual monument and fountain. It shall be large enough in diameter to encompass the memorial and fountain spray.

The pond will have benches around it for visitors to sit on.

The memorial shall be to scale and arranged exactly as in real life. But large enough to give effect as to not forget that terrible day. A Wall structure resembling remains of twin towers still standing or even the actual wall remnant. Possible to use the Sphere from the entrance to the WTC and is now damaged.

A replica of the giant machines used to remove the rubble and steel beams, optional.

A scaled version of the wreckage heap, optional.

Two beams of light shooting upwards to the heavens as being presently used. Especially for nighttime. The sphere that was damaged.

Charles C. Grandmaison, Designer
The Memorial of Tears
Charles C. Grandmaison


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