I believe that that the building which could stand once where the great towers stood, should be a building shaped like a star.  This would be similar to the stars on the American flag. Like a Star has risen from Ground Zero, It would be a white building, possibly of marble or other suitable stone, and it would literally take the form of a star so that it could be recognized from above, and from any other point of view, people would be able to see that the top of the building is not flat, but raised so that the tip of the star is the highest point of the building.

The Star Building would hold at least 50 floors, so that every floor could resemble each state, as shown on the American flag, and other floors could be added. For example, an International Peace floor and even a floor paying homage to all the brave people who lost their lives in the tragedy and all the workers who helped during and after the tragic event.  The Star building would also be able to hold people in the points of the star as well as the center.

The Star Building would, of course, be able to house the latest safety and security features and be of excellent design, like the twin towers.

Around the building could be a memorial park in the shape of a circle to represent the people of America coming together and being strong in the face of terrorism and adversity.

Yours faithfully
Metropolitan Police Service
London, England


© Sep 2001, ver-04/27/04

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