Flag Tears


Flag Tears

This idea came to me this week after traveling past New York City on a trip to New England. Sorry, I do not have a scanner to send you a drawing. (My college roommate worked in the second tower and she survived! My father-in-law was a volunteer Fire Chaplain during the cleanup.)
Picture a large black granite wall (the same type of stone used for the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C.) with a huge outline of the American Flag engraved on the wall.  Within the star's section of the flag, would be engraved the names of all the fire, police, and other rescue personnel as well as the NYC Chaplain who lost their lives that day. Also, since many of the victims were from other countries, their families may wish to have their own country's flag engraved next the individual's name.

 Within the stripes, the names of all the other victims could be engraved alphabetically. By each name, would be a small hole pierced through the granite.  A waterfall could flow over the back of the entire stone to allow the water to flow through the holes and fall like tears into a stone basin at the foot of the flag.  On each side of the flag, the World Trade Towers could be outlined in stone . Overall, the stone represents our strength as a nation, the flag shows our history and patriotism, and the water demonstrates our infinite sadness for the losses incurred on that unforgettable day.
Please let me know what you think of my idea.  After careful thought and reflection, I could picture it so clearly and felt it would be a powerful reminder of what happened on 9/11; therefore, I decided to share it with you.
Thank you.

Linda C


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