Dear World Memorial:

My name is Mona L. Hamilton, I live in Texas. After yesterday's events the idea I am about to purpose came to me while watching the President with the families at ground zero. I know there is a big rush to place something there that will make money, but this is one time I think the earning potential of a project should not be the focus.

The way I see the site is as a REFLECTION POOL, that hoe filled with water, water is life, and something the reflects life should be placed in a place with so much death. I see under water a representation of the original sky line . Under the water with pictures as well as names, the people who lost there lives in those two buildings. Some how incase the photos in stone to permanently preserve the faces of those lost. This will also allow the families to get involved, by providing a Photo that they wish to place there. The picture with their name, the day the were born.

I also see different sections surrounding this reflection pool, possibly a slanted wall with water flowing down, with a representation of each Fight their photos etc, then another section with the representation of the pentagon on another wall and so on. I think that photos should be used so that we can keep putting a face to what happen there. I think that all the death should be represented there, it was called the World Trade Center, Maybe rename it "The World Memorial Center"

I also thought about the design, I think it should be something modern, like a see through material so that at night when it lights up, the faces of those people can still be seen, and to save New York's power, maybe an engineer can fix it so that the water flow generates the power that lights it up, let it be self sustaining. I think the only building that should be there is a building that can be used as a gathering hall of some sort. Where families can hold parties, wedding, etc. That way they can feel as though what ever the event, there loved one is a part of it.

 Mona H.
Arlington, Texas



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