I think the area where the towers stood should be made into a park. Many people do not have graves to visit and this would be their place to ago, along with the thousands of others who would wish to go there.  In the centre of the park could be a statue of the firemen raising the flag along with a wall with the names of everyone who lost their life. Flags of all the nations of the world, not only to show respect for the people from those countries that also died, but also that as a world we need to be united. An eternal flame could also be placed somewhere within the park, as well as a place where people could leave photos, letters or poems to those that were lost.

I know business needs to continue but I feel that rebuilding upon the same site is in a way, covering up what happened and disrespectful to the families and people that lost loved ones. 9/11 was the day the world stopped, watched, waited and cried. The day that changed the freedom of the world forever, a day of great sorrow and horror.
Gone but not Forgotten
For those that die we shall mourn,
but rejoice in knowing that destiny has
called them to the heavens,
and upon gods lips shall their names
always rest,
for they are loved forever more



© Sep 2001, ver-04/27/04

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