WTC Arch


WTC Arch

The Ground-Zero global solution is based on answers to fundamental questions related to the given space:
  - relation to the old Twins
  - new structures
  - memorial part
all this in a way to answer particular questions, jointly to make a completely new, unique and powerful unit that accepts previous situation and events but also have the future of its own in creative, symbolic and any other sense.

Most succinctly, answers to such particular questions are the following:
  - Connecting the old Twins forms into a Triumphal Arch
  - new blocks after the Stonehenge structure
  - memorial part as a separate structure

The “
resurrected” Twins (the “Triumphal Arch”), united with the Memorial Center, make a timeless diagonal that structurally, symbolically and mentally corresponds well with another timeless diagonal – that of the Stonehenge. Jointly, the elevated forms thus create a timeless Space Zero.

This global solution is so structures that the size and correlation in the final design, while keeping its essence, may be modified (to certain limits), accepting the investor’s intentions regarding the built structure’s size and purposes, as well as the final cognizance on its micro and macro relations to the surrounding structures and spaces, always under the logical condition that the old Twins remain fully incorporated into the new Twins (the “Triumphal Arch”) by their size, form and correlation.

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