At night I was thinking about Ground Zero and tried to imagine what the site could look like for this time and future generations so that everybody can remember.
A beautiful, respectful and appeasing site where it is possible to pray, to think about what happened to those who died and those who stayed grieving in such pain that the entire world felt it deep inside. Grieving families could gather and all people would find some peace and comfort the way this Memorial site would be built.
You'll find a sketch where I TRIED to show some ideas.
I wish it could be something doable since I don't know the exact measures of the site...

Here some explanations of the sketch:
Below is the entrance formed with steel left from Ground Zero's site written: "WTC Memorial Center, and/or we'll never forget". Somehow, the piece of wall could be there too(?)
Many willow trees could be planted at the entrance and all around where the Twin Towers were, and between them. Those trees representing people who suffered, the witnesses in New York and also around the world.
Then on the left and right, the engraved plates with the names of those who died on Sept. 11.
Just a little further the entrance, the circle represents the place where the Sphere and the eternal Fire could be.
Where were the Twin Towers, two huge fountains, the biggest ever made, (water representing life, the drops going up and down "without end" meaning life resurges again. The sound of the fountains of water, like rivers, is an appeasing sound and help to meditate.
Around the two fountains, like a carpet of flowers of all kinds and colors, at the place where some died falling from the towers. Nobody could walk on these areas. The flowers would be a tribute also for all the people who died, and for those who lost them.
Then, all around the fountains and the squares of flowers, sidewalks, benches, and transparent covered sanctuaries all around the two squares, for people of all faith where candles could be lit by them all the time,  where donations for orphans funds or other funds could be given and invitation to pray or have a thought for peace.
Of course, grass and a lot of willow trees. Spotlights directed on the fountains and all around the site, street lamps all round too.
There are still large spaces left, above and below ground, for a WORLD-MEMORIAL MUSEUM and commodities.
These are simple and humble suggestions of mine, hoping it could help in any ways.
Lyne Levesque
Quebec City, Canada


© Sep 2001, ver-04/27/04

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