The attack on the United States and the death of over 2,000 innocent people at the World Trade Center can never be forgotten. The memorial in their memory should serve as a place where grieving family, friends and others can come and reflect upon what was done and also show the inner decency of the human soul that no disaster can eliminate.

Our modest proposal is for a staircase leading up from ground zero. Flanking the steps on the top rear of the memorial  will be a pair of eternal flames to indicate that the people who died there will never be forgotten. Our personal preference for the material and style of the memorial and flame columns  would be marble and classic Greek or Roman style. Upon the steps of this memorial will be seen nine life-sized figures representing the people who lost their lives. In addition, the structure of the memorial will have encoded the date of 9/11/2001 in its construction.

The monument will be 21 feet wide and the stairs will rise at an angle of 21 degrees signifying the year of 2001. The monument will be oriented in a north-south direction with the steps leading due south. At the base of the monument would be a small pile of rubble from the original WTC building.  There will be nine individuals represented and eleven steps to signify the date of 9/11.

Three figures will represent three services. Police, Fire, and Rescue. Six figures would be of civilians. The youngest victim was Christine Hanson, only two years old, who died with her parents when her plane, United Airlines Flight 175 smashed into the tower. A young woman and a young man would represent all the office personnel who died on that day. The ninth figure would not be a full figure but would be an arm reaching out of the rubble to represent those people who were never found.

 The positioning of the figures would be of them walking up the steps with their faces looking up. At the top of the last step, the lead figure will be seen stepping up into space, the rear foot on the top step and one leg raised as if stepping on an invisible step. I feel that  Christine Hanson and her parents should be depicted at this top step.

The fireman would be placed at the bottom of the steps with one foot on the first step. Instead of looking up, he will be turned to his side, with his arm outstretched,  and gently clasping the hand of the unidentified person rising out of the rubble. True to his profession, he would be assisting the last person up.

A simple CAD drawing, without architectural details, but exhibiting close to scale proportions is attached..

John & Kathleen  D’Angelo
1540 Tuckers Lane
Southold, NY 11971


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