Angel Rising


Angel Rising

To: world-memorial.org,

On September 11th when I watched what happened in New York, Washington D.C., and then Somerset County Pennsylvania, I along with everyone else was traumatized by what I saw and was concerned for what the future might hold.  Unlike many people I could take some comfort knowing I was putting something positive out into the world in the form of “Angel Rising” (photo enclosed). 

I am writing you today because I believe “Angel Rising” belongs in the world as part of our 9/11 Memorial.  “Angel Rising” is an expression of great tragedy and hope beyond that tragedy.  I am confident you will agree that she is conceptually appropriate for inclusion into the memorials.  “Angel Rising” can easily be incorporated with larger pieces and as a unifying element in all three Memorial sites.  Each angel could be reaching up facing a triangulated focal point between the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the crash site in Pennsylvania. 
Her feet anchor her in a solid stance on a foundation of rocks.  A gentle breeze is evident in the quiet motion of her skirt. She stabilizes herself with one hand on her leg for the physically uncomfortable maneuver of standing while she reaches out for help up with the other. Her wings, one open the other closed display both her strength and insecurity. Unknown hardship can be seen on her face as she pulls herself up assisted by the unseen hand of God.

Angel Rising stands approximately 5’5”.  This is a description of the sculpture I was working on when the World Trade Center and Pentagon were attacked. 

In July 2001 a friend suggested I sculpt an angel. She awkwardly stuck her hand and arm up in the air cocked her head a little and said I should make her about 5 ½ feet tall. A sense of the spiritual is evident in much of my other work but her suggestion seemed more overtly religious than anything I had done before.  However, something about her sketchy description sunk quickly and deeply into my psyche.  By the end of the month I had begun work on her. I was surprised how quickly a sculpture this large came together.  In not much more than two months it was essentially finished.  When September 11th happened I stopped wondering about why I was doing an angel and just focused on finishing her and putting something positive into the world.

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October 10, 2002


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